Make a list of all the things you need to be happy.

Is it a new man in your life?
A different man, so you can have a happy family?
Is it a nicer house, moving to a different place?
Better health?

Now throw it all away :)

You don’t need any of it.

You don’t need a man or a different man. You can have a happy family now.
You don’t need a nicer house, you can be happy where you are now.

Everywhere is OK.

You don’t need better health, to be happy. You can be happy with the health you have now.

You don’t need anything to change to get to your goals.

And you can be happy right now. In fact, if you think you can’t, you’ll never feel happy. Because you’ll be unhappy wherever you are.

So what do you think?

Can you have the family you want, the happiness you want, right now?

Can you see yourself as healthy and enjoy the health you do have, right now?

You can start seeing the place you are at right now life something amazing. Because it is. Every place is amazing.

If you can be grateful right now, your happiness changes immediately.

If you can give thanks for everything you have in your life right now, you’ll see how happy you instantly become.

Find out the little things that you have in your life right now, and the big things you have, and be thankful for them.

Maybe you write a list of gratitude and feel that gratitude.

Maybe you just think right now:

I’m so thankful for…


I’m so happy and grateful for…

And another thing you can do is immerse yourself in positivity.

Let go of complaining, of focusing on what’s wrong…

Focus on what’s great, give praise to whatever is around you, start appreciating more.

Read good books, listen to happy songs, watch movies that make you feel good.

That will also bring more happiness to you.

What we focus on, comes to us.

And we attract what we are being.

If you are being a positive person, you attract more positive things. If you being negative, you’ll see more and more negativity.

It can be a downward or an upward spiral, we choose ;)

Here’s another thing you can do:

Do what makes you happy now!

Go to the surf class, or to the beach.

Play a game with your kids.

Go for a walk around the block.

Cook or work or do anything that brings joy to your life!

Joy is our natural state, we just forgot about it :)

Lots of love,

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