I had this dream:

πŸŒ™ I was looking at the moon, with my youngest son, Tiago. I knew he was afraid to look but once he saw it, he wasn’t afraid anymore.

πŸŒ™ What we saw was like a mechanical eye, and the eye decided what we could and could not see.

πŸŒ™ So that’s what I told him: The moon decides what we can and cannot see.

πŸŒ™ Later on I was trying to interpret my dream and thought that maybe the eye decides what we can and cannot see, on Earth.

πŸŒ™ The moon is the mystery.

🧐 We see what we want to see. 🧐

And I noticed later on that day, how that’s true.

πŸŽ‚ It was my husband’s birthday and he was quietly cleaning the kitchen. I was thinking: Why is he so quiet? His he mad about something?

πŸŽ‚ But then I remembered that phrase: We see what we want to see.

πŸŽ‚ And I thought, what if that is what I want to see? Maybe because it’s normal for me to see the World as an angry place, as an unsafe place?

πŸŽ‚ What if it’s something completely different. What could it be?

πŸŽ‚ And I thought: maybe he’s just quietly cleaning the kitchen and he’s feeling fine.

πŸŽ‚ And I felt much more at ease, because if he was mad, that would mean something about our relationship, ourselves, and so on…

So that’s why I wanted to tell you this idea of: We see what we want to see!

Even if we think that we don’t want it…

Deep down in our unconscious mind we want it, because it’s familiar or it’s what we believe, and we want the World to show us that what we believe is the truth, so that it makes sense.

So the next time that the World isn’t like you want it, you can ask yourself:

If I’m seeing what I want to see, what do I want to see (even if it’s unconscious)?

And what do I want to see instead?

And then you’ll see it, maybe right away ;)

Lots of love,

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