One time I read this from Marianne Williamson: She noticed that when things were really wrong, and she didn’t know what to do, she’d ask for guidance. And when things were good again, she’d forget about asking. So everything would stop working again.

So it came to a point where she understood: I better ask for guidance always ;) I better be always on my knees Lol.

Lately I’ve been getting this message of asking for guidance. I see it everywhere. In a post, a movie, an interview …

And I noticed that usually I also don’t ask for guidance.

I do a similiar thing because I write my vision, or visualize, or write my goals. And then I follow the intuitive nudges, the ideas that come up, at least when I’m aware of them ;)

But I don’t actually do a prayer or request asking: God please help me with this thing. Unless things are really going to hell ;)

So I think this is the message for me: to start asking always and not only if I’m in a bad situation.

πŸ™ When we ask, we are setting our intention also, we say what we want.

πŸ™ And then we need to wait for the answer.

πŸ™ And I read before that by praying you ask, and by meditating you receive the answer.

Meditating is a great way because as you sit in silence, you can hear what’s going on in your own mind and you can also hear those ideas and your intuition.

But you can also go for a walk or do something quietly. I think with music also works, even if you’re more distracted ;)

Anyway, asking for help to reach what I want, for guidance on my journey, to know the next step.

And you can ask God, the Universe, your True Self or Intuition.

πŸ’œ And then be aware of the intuition, the new idea, and value it. Like gold.

Because what happens sometimes is that we have been so conditioned to think with our thinking mind, that we aren’t even aware of the intuition.

Or we listen but don’t give it much attention. We’ve been programmed to look outside for answers and disvalue what comes from inside, when it should be the exact opposite!

πŸ’œ Because the best answers and the best answers for you, come from inside.

And if you don’t know how to recognize your intuiton yet, your true self, know that it will come in time.

And start following your intuition in the small things, so that you can trust it with the big things.

πŸ„β€β™€οΈ I did that with surf. I started to have this idea of surfing. It came like out of nowhere, as I was journaling or as an idea in my mind. Sometimes I would ask – what do I really want to do? The answer: surf. And I’d think.. but what? How come? Where is this even coming from?

πŸ„β€β™€οΈ But I just decided to follow it and lately I realized that some of my happiest days ever, have been the days that I go surfing. I’m just sorry that I couldn’t listen to my intuition before :) Because I could have been surfing for years now!

So that’s it!

Here’s what you can do: Do a prayer or set an intention. Ask God, the Universe, your True Self, to guide you. To help you. Say what you want and need.

πŸ‰ And then wait for the answer. Know that it’s coming. And it will appear when you least expect it.

πŸ‰ And it won’t stop nudging you in the right direction… if you just take the time to listen :)

Lots of love,

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