Today I wanted to ask you: Have you run out of excuses?

Are you ready to own that it’s you, and only you, that isn’t doing her part?

It’s easy to look at other people and go: she has it easy. It’s so easy for her. She just has something different…

blah blah blah

Let me tell you: that isn’t true.

You have has much as everyone.

But, she does have one different thing.

There came a time, when she decided to back herself up.

There came a time when she decided to believe in herself, more than her damn excuses.

There came a time when “I can’t do it, it’s to hard”, all the excuses, just didn’t cut it anymore.

And she knew that it was time to reach for what she wanted and know that she could have it.

So are you ready to be that girl?

The girl that goes for what she wants and just gets it?

Just like that?

Because she decided that she was going to.

And then she did whatever it took.

And it was easy and fun and exciting, because …

She believed it could be.

Lots of love,

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Happy Friday!!!


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