Today I wanted to ask about your why!

Why are you doing the things you do?

It is to chase things outside of you? Are you looking for all the things. Are you focused on what needs to improve outside of you?

Are you working to make more money? To be able to do things that you feel are missing in your life?

What does it mean for you, success?

In one of my first coaching calls, I understood that my definition of success was dictacted by society.

Success meant money.

If I have more money, then I have more success. And if not, I’m less successful.

So I was chasing this idea of being successful by having money.

Only problem: I value freedom much more than money.

What means that I prefer to not do anything that takes my freedom away. If working = loss of freedom, I’m not available for it.

Therefore, I had a problem!

Because of course, some things that I need to do in my business, take away my freedom.

But it also means I’m more free.

Because then comes the definition of freedom.

And for me freedom is being able to do whatever I want + be happy doing it of course.

What good is freedom, if I can’t be happy? How good is being able to do whatever I want, if I’m depressed or down? Not good at all, I can tell you by experience.

That was one thing I realized in my biz journey. There came a time, when I was just feeling lost. Not knowing what to do in my biz or life. Questioning things.

So I had lots of freedom, because I stopped working almost, I could do a lot of things, but I was feeling miserable so that freedom didn’t do anything for me.

I understood that more than freedom, I wanted happiness. I wanted to be happy and free.

But here’s the thing about happiness. There is one simple formula for being happy. Keep doing things that are a bit more challenging than you are used to. Not too hard. Keep facing those little challenges, and you are happy.

I understood that my work gave me the happiness. That it was better to have less freedom, to have a work schedule. To do things where I felt I was contributing, than having all the freedom in the World.

After spending hours not doing a thing, but just feeling sorry for myself and my life, I can tell you that it isn’t very good. You get bored, it’s terrible. You just want to do something, anything.

So if you want to leave your job, don’t be afraid that you’re going to stop working. That you’re just being lazy.

We aren’t lazy, we want to contribute. We want to help others. We want to be an active part of society. So your mind will help you with getting you into gear.

Trust that you can do this. You can create your business, you can decide about your freedom, you’ll figure it out as you go.

Here’s what I finally realized.

Doing the work I love = freedom = happiness.

Lots of love,

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