Today I was feeling resistance big time…

I just didn’t feel like doing my work.

I planed the week on Saturday: I was going to end my new style offer and sell it on the black friday.

It was a really simple plan so I was feeling quite good about it. So simple, nothing can go wrong ;)

Of course, come Monday morning. I did my morning routine. I had my breakfast and tried to do a facebook live that didn’t go very well but everything’s ok.

Until I started thinking that I had to go up and work. I just didn’t have the energy…

I already had noticed a bit of lack of energy. I thought: Maybe I’ll drink a matcha or a coffee even (things I try to avoid ;)). Maybe I’ll take all my supplements today and I’ll feel better.

Anyways I went upstairs and that’s when I understood that things weren’t happening ;)

My resistance was all there. At the beginning I didn’t even thought about it as resistance. Just this tiredness and not wanting to do anything.

But as I tried to deal with this – going to my SOS folder where I have methods I used in the past, to deal with days like this one – new things started to surface.

And I understood many things about my resistance.
Like this idea about having to do something.

If I have to do the style offer, if I have to do the Black Friday – well, I don’t want to do it. Of course because I don’t like to be told what to do, not even by me!!! ;)

But I also realized this sad feeling, this fear of rejection, that maybe’s always there before launching something, sharing something. Before doing something new.

Do you also feel this?

Maybe it’s before wearing that dress you really love. Or even before buying it… you look at it, you think it’s cute, but you start doubting yourself. Maybe it doens’t look that good, would <insert name of stylish friend> buy this? And although you were drawn to it and you thought it looked great when you first looked at it, now you’re doubting yourself and you end up not getting it.

Why? If you were on a desert island woulnd’t you buy it and happily wear it? Probably so ;)

Or maybe it’s about your business. You think about doing a program that you think is going to be amazing. Everyone needs this for sure. But then you think about the things that didn’t work out. You let yourself be driven by those feelings. And you just give it up. “It’s too much work, probably no one wants it”, and so on…

In both situations, it’s just your ego trying to protect you. From being criticized and then maybe, rejected.

I heard the other day a phrase:

“Get Rejected!”

Yes, get rejected. Don’t be afraid of being rejected. At least you’re trying. At least you’re getting out of your comfort zone, growing, learning, expanding.

Like Brené Brown’s quote says:

“If you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked on occasion, I am not interested in or open to your feedback. There are a million cheap seats in the world today filled with people who will never be brave with their own lives […] If you’re criticizing from a place where you’re not also putting yourself on the line, I’m not interested in your feedback.”

You’re in the arena, so be happy :)

And it’s by going into the arena that you start changing your life and start being more of who you really are.

It’s a quick way to know your true self!
And be guided by your true self too.

So in conclusion:

Resistance is good. It’s showing you you’re on the right track, doing new things, daring grately.

Feel the emotions, associated with the resistance. Know that there’s no problem in getting rejected. You want to get rejected because again, it means you’re in the arena.

And finally, keep going.

Don’t let your fear of being rejected stop you. Just keep doing your own thing. That is your great path to growth and being who you truly are.

Lots of love,

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