Today I wanted to tell you about new beginnings! ✨

“Can you feel the winds are changing?
there’s a new day on the rise
and the atmoshphere is breaking
as the new world comes to life.”

This is from a music I really love, from Echoes.

Do you know those times when you just know that things are changing?

That things are amazing?

The feeling you get when you’re really excited about something!

✈️ Maybe you’re going on a trip to Bali! I wanted to do that for a long time.

✈️ Maybe you’re boarding a plane, and even though you don’t like flying, it’s so exciting to think about where you’re going to be next.

✈️ Maybe you’re planning your next trip! And you’re looking at all the amazing hotels and airbnbs and choosing the one that will be your home for the next few days.

✈️ Maybe you’re just making a pumpkin latte at home and you look around, you see your kids and you feel so grateful for the life you have.

And if you could just feel like this the whole time!

Well, you can feel like this a lot of the time. And you can also feel down or unhappy some time. It’s good to know and feel all the feelings and allow yourself to feel them.

But it’s also good to think about – why are you going there, again?

To the sadness, or stuckness, or unhappiness. Why do you feel discontent?

👀 Is it time, to start looking at things with a different set of eyes? A different perception?

👀 Is it time perhaps to throw everything you’ve known until today – AWAY. And start fresh?

🎬 What if you could just turn the page and make a new movie for yourself? And in this movie, you are the hero – again – but everything is different. It’s the same but you’re seeing it in another way.

🎬 Maybe “I had a hard childhood” becomes I had the most amazing experiences, my family was there for me, everyone did the best they could. I am happy exactly where I am right now. I am amazing and can create anything I want from now on.

🎬 Maybe you can look around and feel imense gratitude for having this life and for being here and for having what you have right now. Can that be enough, for now? And forever?

🎬 And if you can really be grateful and happy for everything now, you can also look forward and create the new things that you desire. They’re there for you, but they’ll keep running away, as long as you keep going to where you always were…

🌷 So can you feel the winds are changing? 🌷

Can you close the door on your past and start over again today?

With a new story, a new future, a new perception and gratitude for where you’re at right now.

It’s all amazing, can you see it?

Lots of love,

P.S. You can listen to the whole song here –

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