Today I wanted to tell you about celebrating.

It’s important to celebrate because we’re focusing on what went well, what lights us up, what we love. And so we are automatically creating more of that into our lives.

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We have a tendency to focus on the negative, what’s not working, what we have to change… and many times we even fail to see what’s going great, and just see what’s going bad.

When we celebrate we are creating a new normal for us. You can create a new normal, that has feelings of happiness and accomplishment and loving what you do. Seeing all the little things you do great all day long. All your effort and going for your goals.

So celebrate but don’t celebrate only the good things.

What will make the biggest difference, I think, is also celebrating the “bad things”. What you feel went wrong. Because the “failures” show that you are trying, that you are acting, that you’re going for it.

So they’re not failures, they are also successes to be celebrated.

And when you can celebrate all the things, you aren’t being conditioned. And you’re making that feeling of being happy, of seeing success and feeling amazing, a normal thing for you.

So that next time you want to celebrate naturally and you do, you won’t start being afraid that the other shoe will drop. Because it’s normal for you to have this feeling. And so you won’t sabotage the good stuff.

Here’s what you can do: have a file where you write all that went well each day, in the main areas of your life. And then celebrate it at the end of the day.

And also write, about what you think it’s a failure, what you learned, how it’s amazing for you. And celebrate it too.

Lots of love,

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