Today I wanted to tell you about this idea of failing happy.

The other day I was feeling bad because something I tried didn’t work out, like I expected it to.

And I remembered a specific day, when I went surfing.

Because that day I failed miserably at surfing LOL. I couldn’t get up on the board, not even once (and my husband did it a lot of times).

But I just had loads of fun anyway. I understood why I couldn’t get up – it was because the waves were a bit different and I couldn’t get the hang of it, even though I tried and tried for a full hour.

But the emotion I had… although I felt frustrated, I also felt really happy. Each time I didn’t catch a wave, I just went on the board, to the sand. I even was thrown by a wave to the sand and hurt myself, but nothing of that mattered.

Because I just love the feeling of being in the water, of trying to ride the waves, no matter what. And if I can’t do it today, I’ll try again tomorrow.

The difference was that I was “failing”, but I was happy :)

So how can you fail happy?

What can you do in what you’re trying, to be happy?

Maybe it’s your business and you feel frustrated because you’re doing something you don’t really love, and it’s like going up a hill, and then it doesn’t work… and you aren’t happy while trying.

What can you change in your business so that if you’re happy, even if you “fail”? Because you were having a great time trying? And sometimes it’s just a shift of perception, from I have to do this to I get to do this.

Sometimes we are doing something that we can actually love, if we are present with it. But we just focus on the “I HAVE to do it” part, and so resent it.

With your style, what can you do to make it fun? To make your attempts happy? Maybe you can buy the thing you’re afraid of buying – the long dress, the thing that you feel will put all eyes on you, and wear it.

And instead of being worried about what other people think, being happy because you’re just doing and wearing what you love.

How about that? ;)

So in the comments, tell me one thing that you’re going to start doing, in your business, about your style, because you know it makes you happy!!!

And that way, even if you “fail”, you already won :)

Lots of love,

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