Today I wanted to ask you, who are you being?

In your day to day, while you go about your tasks, who are you listening to?

Are you your higher self, the part of you that knows better, that is wise, that has all the best answers for you?

Or are you your ego, the small part, that wants to keep you exactly where you are, because it thinks that’s better to survive? (and can be wrong?).

Every day, every minute, every second, you have this choice.

Are you listening to the Universe, to marvellous things, to unicorns, to possibility?

Are you a dreamer in your thinking?

Or are you listening to the limitations, the can’t not, will not?

Are you being big or small?

Now I’m thinking that this is a duality, there’s no big or small, everything is neutral.

But just to make an analogy ;)

The thing is that being your higher self feels big, expansive, feels amazing.

Like when you’re a kid and you go to some attractions park, like Disneyland… and you can’t stop the excitment and you can go on everything. And you can feel the joy.

All the possibilities are there for you. You know the feeling, you’ve felt it before, you can feel it right now…

You can be there, anytime you want.

Or you can, instead, believe the ego.

Believe all the limitations and the parents, society, cultural limitations that you started to believe.

You can say to yourself: Not for me, not really. I tried, I couldn’t do it.

But did you really try it? Full on, full blast, 100% in. With your higher self on the wheel?

Or were you sometimes listening to your higher self, and others, to your ego?

Isn’t it true that you probably spent more time listening to your ego, than to your higher self?

Yes, I know it. Because we all listen more to the ego. We think we are the ego. We think we are the small voice inside us, telling us what not to do. Explaining all the ways to stay where you are. And why they’re so valid.

And you have a choice. Each hour, minute, second…

To lean into who you truly are, into your vision and dreams… into all possibilities available to you.

Or into who you think you are, all your can’ts… and won’ts.

So what is it going to be?

If you want to be your higher self (great choice btw ;)), here are some things you can do:

Meditate every morning so you are more aware of what’s in your mind. Notice the stories of the ego, and don’t buy into them. They’re just what you learned growing up and aren’t true.

Stay with the feelings that come with those stories. That will make your transformation really happen. You’ll understand where the stories are coming from and what you can do with them. I have a guided meditation that can help you with that, you can get it here: Calm & Powerful Workshop

Journal about your higher self. Now that you are your higher self, your next level, what do you think? What are your beliefs? And most importantly: How do you act?

Ask for the inspired actions, from possibility, to come to you.

And then take the actions.

Nothing really changes until you act. Because the action is what’s going to bring your new creation, your new vision, to life.

So here’s a quick question you can ask yourself: How would my higher self act? How would my next level version act, today?

What’s one different action I can take today?

And then, just do it :)

Lots of love,

Calm & Powerful

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