Today I remembered this phrase, as I was journaling:

“The you is sad”

It was a way of speaking that my first son started to use. At the time we thought it was funny, because he refered to himself as “the You”. I think he thought he was the You, because we were always saying things like “Do you want this?”, “Where are you going?”, and so on…

But today as I was thinking that “I’m not my mind, I’m not my ego”. And that the thoughts are false, the feelings are false and come from the ego…

I thought how right that phrase actually was.

Because we are taught to believe that we are the I. We are the ego, feeling the feelings, thinking the thoughts, taking the actions.

But the ego is a construct, the ego is there to “save us”, to help us survive. The ego’s job is to keep you comfortable, in your comfort zone, and to make you do what’s expected of you. The things you were taught growing up.

So he was right, in his very young wisdom, to say: “The you is sad”. Since it’s not him that is sad. Because he is the higher self. He’s not sad.

I think this may seem a bit confusing, but that’s how I’m seeing it.

When things happen in your life, and you feel some trigger. That’s not the real you. That’s the ego.

If you start to create this distance, you can stop identifying with the ego and not buy into those untrue stories.

So can you create that distance?

Can you see yourself as unlimited and as having all the potential in the World?

And can you keep yourself there?

And you can ask yourself: How can I feel better right now?

Because the higher self is peaceful, is joy.

So if you’re not in those feelings, you’re in ego. You’re identifying with your ego. You’re in the story right now.

Get out of it by watching your ego instead. By saying: the you is sad ;) the ego is sad. Your higher self isn’t sad.

You are the infinite, you are connected to all things, you can create your dreams…

Everything is available to you now.. happiness, joy and freedom.

If you come at any situation from your higher self, that’s what you’ll see. If you come from your ego, you’ll see the prison that you put yourself in, all the time.

GEt out of it at once! ;)

Go to the door!

Open it.

Breathe the fresh air in.

It’s a new beginning. You can let go of the ego, for now.

Keep it there for dangerous situations ;)

And just be your real you.

Your “crazy”, creative, beautiful true self.

That can take you anywhere you want.

Inspire you.

Show you what you really love.

Take you by the hand and make you see all the wonders in the World.

So here’s an exercise you can do:

When you see yourself going into a trigger, feeling all the feelings, thinking all the thoughts…

Don’t run away.

Stay with the feeling, listen to the thoughts.

And know that they aren’t true.

Don’t try to push them away, or they’ll just get stronger. Just accept them, know it’s ok. You can have these thoughts and feelings.

And at the same time, you know you’re not them. You aren’t defined by them. Because you’re your higher self.

See things from the higher self’s perspective.

How can you see love instead?

Lots of love,

P.S. This reminded me of this video:

But Aladin is the Higher Self :)

Don’t you love this movie?

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