Today I wanted to tell you about a simple way to move forward.

If you are having doubts, questioning yourself, not knowing what to do next…

You can just focus on the next step.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” ~ Lao Tzu

So your job is to know the next step.

What is next for you?

And if you think that you don’t know, ask again, but like this:

What if I already knew? What would I do?

Because you already know.

You are the only one that knows, the best next step for you.

Because you are the expert on yourself. And you are the one that knows what you really want.

Note: That happened with my style.. while I followed other people’s advice, without adapting them to myself. I never felt 100% comfortable.


Confusion, is resistance, it comes from the ego.

If you can connect with your higher self, you’ll feel calmer, at peace. And from that place you can find your best step more easily.

A calm mind, becomes clearer.

Confusion is also a sign of anxiety, which again, comes from the ego.

Confusion, anxiety, doubt, will all make you stop. Questioning yourself, what you’re doing, your life, won’t help in anyway.

You want to stop that. It’s not that you aren’t feeling the feelings. You want to do that too – stay with your feelings and understand what they want to tell you.

What’s the fear? What’s the problem with acting like you’re acting now? Your ego is trying to stop you because it feels it’s not safe, so it’s good to see where that’s coming from.

But it’s also good to keep acting anyway. Don’t go to analisys paralysis.

Keep taking one action, or two/ three actions, that you know are righth for you. Keep doing what you know to do.

And sometimes it’s also a good idea to stop. To get some perspective. To take a day off.

But when one day becomes a week which becomes a month…

You got to go to the simple things.

Just one step.

What to do next?

And you can journal about it, free writing. Just letting it all out.

Meditation it’s also good to calm the mind.

Doing something different, not related to your work. Just going for a different day off or doing some self care activities or just being with your family. Do what you really love and answers will come to you.

One good question is also:
What does my soul really want? What do I really want?

Free write about it. Meditate on that question.
The answers come when we’re not looking. When we’re doing tasks that aren’t work related. They come as inspiration, a knowing or just an idea.

But that’s what you want to tresure because it comes from your higher self. Who you really are. The part that knows what you want, your true soul desires, and knows that you can create them, with ease.

Anything is possible, and anything is possible in an easy and fun way.

It’s just the way you look at things, that you decide to do things, what you believe is possible, is what you’ll see.

So today, focus on that next step.

Find out what it is.

And just do it!!!!


P.S. Here’s something you can do today: journal about – What’s my next step?

Then tell me how it went, send a PM, I’d love to know :)


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