What’s behind your actions?

The thing is, the action you take isn’t as important as the reason behind that action.

For example, if you decide to write a post because you have to… if you do something so that you can sell more… if you create a program because it will work…

Those aren’t the real good motives.

The real motives are being of service and helping others.

That is an intention that comes from your soul. And when you act from your soul, your actions are powerful.

So what are you acting for?

And sometimes we decide. Yes I’m going to be of service. Yes, this makes perfect sense, I want to help.

But then we see a beautiful house on Instagram and we think that we really want one.

Or we do a training where someone advises us to search for the best theme for a course, the one that sells the most…

No problem with choosing a good theme, that gets people to act. If you want them to act, so they can help themselves.

If you want them to invest in themselves and to change their lives for the better.

But if you are choosing a good theme so you can make more money, the intention isn’t to be of service, but to get a certain result.

And when you focus on results, your action is already compromised. What happens, if you don’t get the result?

You question what you did. You start to think – was this the right thing to do?

What if you acted, just to help others? What if you did it from your heart?

In that case, the result doesn’t matter right? You did what you wanted to. You shared something to help.

And if you shared to get a certain result, like making money, and you did get the money, what will happen? Then you think you need to do more of these actions. So you get more money.

Either way, you are being conditioned. That means you are being programmed, to act in a certain way.

You don’t have freedom then. You are just chasing results. You’re not really free to decide what to do. You have to do it that way.

If you want real freedom, a business and a life on your own terms… there are two motives to act:

To serve others and to grow.

One thing you can do is notice why you’re acting, and change the motive if it’s not the right one.

For example, today I decided to come to Lisbon. Why? Because we are going to take our son to do a college exam, near the beach. And so I can go a bit to the beach.

Is that a good action? Yes, because it’s to make me happy. I’m just doing it to feel good because I love the beach :) And to get a bit out of the house, I’m tired of being there, all day long ;)

In conclusion:

To really create a life on your own terms, where you have choice and freedom, choose your actions. Or better yet, choose the intention behind the actions ;)

Lots of love,

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Photo: Maya Gypsy

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