Today I wanted to tell you about your level of conviction.

Can you see and feel what you want?

I realized that you can believe that you’re there, and see yourself where you want to be. Or you can just wish for it.

You can really know that it’s yours, you can have that level of feeling.

You can decide that yes, it’s inevitable, you don’t admit anything else.

Or you can just keep wishing and planning, without really believing that you’re going to make it.

Of course, without the conviction, do you really expect to get there?

If you’re just doing things, in a whisy washy way, not really believing… Or half the time you’re just in complete disbelief and doubt…

You’re taking some steps forward, some steps back, and maybe you won’t even get out of where you are.

So you need to keep moving forward more than backwards.

Just keep going, to where you want to be.

And do your inner work. Know if this is what you really want, from your soul. Know if it’s meant for you. If you have this desire because it’s meant for you, or if it comes from the ideas and desires of other people.

Is this something you trully want?

And you also need another thing, as strange as it may seem…

You don’t want to want this so much, that you become desperate. Like the ring in Lord of the Rings. My precious ;) That feeling that you need it, and you’re desperate for it.

You aren’t desperate, you already have everything you need inside of you. There’s nothing outside that can make you happier, more abundant, more grateful. Those feelings are inside of you. You can find everything you want, inside. And that’s the only place you can find it, really, at least in a lasting way.

So it’s a feeling that you can have what you want, that you are receiving what you want, you already received it. And at the same time, you’re amazing also if you don’t receive it.

Your purpose isn’t to reach your goals or to get what you want. Your purpose is to grow, and to become your true self. To go inside and know that you are connected with everything else, and you don’t need anything more.

And to serve and help others.

Everything else, it’s just an extra, the icing on top of the cake.

And you can surely have the icing too, when you know you can. When you feel it and know you’re there.

And when you don’t settle, in your mind, for anything less.

Lots of love,

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