Today I wanted to tell you about loving all your feelings, and welcoming them.

The problem with our emotions, is that we try to resist them. To hide from them. We don’t want to feel the feelings. We don’t want to feel sad, beautiful, amazing, or frustrated.

We are afraid of feeling… so close, so intensely…

Are you afraid?

I know I am.

Sometimes the feelings come and I just think. Oh no! Not again! Why do I still have this trigger? Why do I still keep feeling this? I already know this, I’ve been through this. Over and over again. Why doesn’t it leave me alone?

Sometimes I just want to be in a content feeling all day long, feeling content with how things are. Feeling good.

I fight for this feeling, all day, every day.

But is that a life worth living? Just feeling content with everything, all day long?

It’s better probably, to embrace all experiences. To embrace all feelings. To welcome all.

Feeling frustrated? How amazing! What happened, what’s going on? Why do you hate feeling frustated? What’s the problem with that?

But most times, I don’t want to go there. I just want to continue on with my life. I have things to do, programs to finish, stuff I need to get ready!!!

We run from task from task, from project to project. From day to day. Without stopping to be with ourselves. To enjoy the bad and the good feelings. To see what they want to show us.

Isn’t it more exciting, to dive into yourself, and find out what’s going on with you? What do you need right now? Yes, and I know… what you’re probably thinking right now, cause it’s what I’m thinking… isn’t that selfish? Just thinking about you, you and you? Who do you think you are, to think about yourself?

Well, maybe you’ll feel better if I tell you that everything you see comes from you. You are creating your reality, you are giving people the the scripts. You are the great creator. So, no better way to enjoy a game called life, then by going directly to the creator! Don’t you agree?

Well, this post is already long so I’m going ;)

Next time you feel frustrated, annoyed, irritated, angry, furious… thank that person, that situation. For making you feel, for giving you the triggers. And now you can get back, return to yourself, the origin of it all, and see what’s going on inside. Why are you creating these situations, these triggers? What’s going on inside of you?

And as you know yourself more, and you love yourself more, everything starts to change, naturally. Because the way you are being, the way you see things, is creating your reality. And when you see things differently, the World needs to change too. And show you something different.

Lots of love,

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