Fighting Who You Are? (+ Follow Your Intuition)

Fighting who you are? (Follow your intuition)

Today I wanted to tell you about stopping the fight.

I noticed that I fight who I am.

For example, sometimes I have an idea, like doing a certain course or reading something. But I fight it.

I think – ok, but I won’t do that now. Now I need to do this work, or I need to finish this thing. I’ll do it later because I don’t feel like it right now.

And then I end up never doing it. It was a moment, an idea, but it passed. And that intuition, that being me, is gone.

What have I lost?

I can’t know, of course.

What if you start going after those ideas, those little nudges, those things that seem to make no sense at all, but when you follow them you understand, they are everything?

Like today, I was doing my journaling and had this idea of checking a call from my coach, to decide what to write about today.

And when I started reading it, I thought that this was the ideal call to read. The exact thing I needed today.

Some days ago, something similar happened. I have this marketing course that I think about doing every year. It’s there on my to do list, but… I don’t feel like it.

That day was different because I’m trying to not fight myself. To follow my intuition. So when I thought about doing the course, I went and did it right away.

I made a plan for the year, a plan for content and I ended up that training thinking… Why didn’t I do this before?

But I know why!

Because I’m listening too… I don’t feel like it phrases from the ego. The ego that wants me to stay where I am!

It’s not that easy to be aware of the ego, to understand all the little ways that it tries to stop us.

For me, it comes with a lots of stories…

I’m too tired
It isn’t working
What’s the point?
Who am I to do this?
And so on

But we can be aware. We can start noticing and asking: Is this my Higher Self? OR is this my ego?

Am I really tired or is it just an excuse, a way to keep me down?

Sometimes you’ll be really tired, of course. But if you keep having this idea, every time you want to do something different, maybe you’re not tired. It’s just a story in your own mind.

Now I hear it, and keep going.

You can hear it without trying to push it away. Ok, it’s there, you accept it. But then you don’t stop because of it. It will no longer have power over you.

So what are your stories? What’s stopping you from following what you know to be true, inside yourself?

I’d love to know!

Lots of love,

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