Today I wanted to tell you about improving your style!

Something I’m also interested in doing, because, we can always improve.

And since the pandemic, I feel I’ve been caring less and less about my style and the clothes I wear. But that has an impact in the way I feel during the day.

When I dress in a more beautiful outfit, when I make an effort in the morning, to look a little better… I also feel better.

For example, today I decided to use my app to choose my outfit. Well, the app is called Choose Your Outfit ;) So I used it and I got some inspiration and created a different outfit. Not too different, but at least I felt I was making an effort.

And I started the day in a bit of a better mood.

I also decided to learn more about makeup and styling my hair. There are many women who take a long time doing those things, taking care of the way they look, in the morning.

I always was one of those women who “doesn’t have time for that”. Who just applies a bit of makeup now and then, but always feeling that it’s taking too much time. And it’s boring, always doing the same thing. and so on..

These are all ways that I’m resisting using some makeup. As I resist spending time styling my hair. Although I like to see women who do that, I think I don’t have the pacience.

But really, is it that I don’t have the pacience, or is is another way of resisting, and not changing? Wanting to do something and then not doing it, again?

I’m thinking about this as I write to you! ;) Always learning more lol.

But yes, I noticed I’m not taking care of my image or style lately and I decided to change that this year.

I decided to have style and image goals.
And one thing I’m thinking about doing is using my app to get dressed, every day, for 365 days!

That way I create a habit of thinking a bit more about my outfit and I also end up feeling better about the way I look, every day.

I also think it’s a good way to show people who follow me how the app works, and how it can help them.

When I started my style business, my big goal was to sell my app. To get it into the hands of as many women as I could, because it’s the thing that changed my style for good and that enabled me to know intuitively, how to create great looking outfits.

And it’s one of my goals today too!

So this habit will help me in many ways, and I hope, will also help you. Because I can help you get inspired with my looks, show you different outfits and also you can join the app if you want to.

So how can you improve your style in 20 minutes a day?

You’ll know better than anyone, what you need to work on. So ask yourself this question.

But reserve those 20 minutes per day just for yourself and your image and style.

In those 20 minutes, you’re going to do something that you feel you need to do, to improve your style. Maybe it’s choosing your oufit calmly and with intention. Maybe it’s learning more about style, so you can improve it.

Whatever it is, if you have those 20 minutes, you’ll start to see progress and you won’t recognize the way you look, by the end of 2021.

If resistance hits you like a ton of bricks.. and you start thinking what’s the use, too tired, too boring, don’t wanna….

Think about your reason why! Why did you start to do this in the first place?

Maybe it’s because you want to feel sexy in your marriage, or just feel beautiful for yourself. Maybe you know that the way you look makes a big difference in how others see yourself and how you see yourself. Maybe it’s just that you know that when you look good, you feel good. And you want to feel better and better every day ;)

Whatever it is, remember it and keep going.

Don’t let the ego rob you from what you really want!

Lots of love,

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