Today I wanted to tell you about integrating the messy you!

I noticed this some days ago…

Actually I realized it with a bit more strenght, in a dream. My ego, wants to have everything in order, before doing anything.

Or in other words, if things aren’t well organized, pretty and proper, I don’t feel comfortable with taking action. First I need to put everything in order.

Things must be ready, organized, clean, tidy. My mind needs to be clear and thinking perfectly…

You know what I mean? ;)

The problem is that then the ego spends all the time saying that I’m confused. I’m confused, I don’t know what to do next. Things are never clear enough.

I realized, I’ll never have enough clarity, at least not enough for my demanding ego.

It wants crystal clear clarity.

No mistakes, no doubts. Just perfect, inspired, aligned action will do…

Of course I want to take aligned action, and I think it’s my way to create the life I want, but not if it’s an excuse to not act.

Not if it’s: “If it’s not the ideal action, I’m not moving.”

So, when are you waiting for everything to be pefect, to do what you want to do?

Maybe you want to start your own business, but you’re too scared. You don’t know how, where or what?

No problem, if you integrate your messy you.

There is a part of us (if you feel the same way as I do about being messy and taking messy action) – that wants everything to be perfect, before we act. That wants everything in the right place, at the right time.

And inside of us, in our unconscious, there is another part. The opposite of that part. The messy part.

Maybe it’s the part that could eat an ice-cream, while giving a bit to the dog, and just laugh about it. Maybe it’s a part of us that could go out in the morning, with absolutely no plan, and drive until finding something nice to do. Maybe it’s a part of you that wakes up, walks to the closet and chooses whatever she wants to wear, even if it’s her favorite dress, just because she feels like it…

It’s a messier part, and a freer part.

The part that doesn’t care about perfection, but does care about living. About doing things she loves. She doesn’t mind if she’s messy. If things don’t have a perfect order, aren’t planned, aren’t clear in your mind.

She does what she feels like doing, when she feels like doing it, just because she cans.

What would you do, if you could integrate her?

If you could bring a bit of her way of being, into you?

Wouldn’t life be a bit more fun?

I bet it would ;)

How can you integrate the messy you?

Today, ask yourself: how would I act, if I was a bit messy. A bit unperfect, a bit going with the flow, doing what I want, blowing my mind with crazy things to do?

I’m seeing myself, with a long dress and slippers, not worrying about the cold, or of how the dress is getting dirty on the ground, going to the beach, dancing and spinning, not caring what anyone thinks!

A bit… crazy? – my ego is saying ;)

Maybe so ego, maybe so ;)

What would your messy you do today? This week?

And then do it!!!

That’s one way to integrate the parts of you that are in your unconscious: by acting like that part.

And then, stay with the feelings that come up. The feeling of “I’m not allowed to do this”. It’s crazy, reckless, whatever.

Just feel them, hear the stories, and keep going.

You can do it! :)

Lots of love,

P.S. Want help with being all of you? Nothing better than challenging yourself, to create an epic life that you really want. When you do what’s out of your comfort zone, you can’t help but grow and become all of you.

It’s necessary, to reach your vision. Going for your epic life, creating the business you want, the style and image you want. All of those will help you to grow, to integrate all of you, to know yourself, to love yourself.

Getting out of your comfort zone = creating something new = growing and becoming your true self.

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