Today I wanted to tell you about my style goals. Because maybe it will help you to set your own.

So this year, I have some ideas about how I want to improve my style, like:

  • wearing more makeup
  • using my app to create my daily outfits, so I do more different outfits, instead of going for the same usual uniform
  • adding outfits to the app, so I keep having new ideas and inspiration
  • buying more clothes: since the pandemic, I think I didn’t buy a single item of clothing and I need to learn how to shop online ;)
  • wearing whatever I feel like wearing: in the past, I said that “I’m going to wear everything, without saving pieces for special occasions”, but it isn’t that easy. This year I’m really going all in on it, and I’ve been able to see the difference already…

But let’s take a little goal, a little idea, like wearing everything in my closet, without worrying if I’m wasting the nice items…

I think it’s interesting that my kids, when buy new clothes, wear them right away, or on the next day. They can’t wait to wear what they bought. It’s new, it’s different, they love it, so why not? I love that they do that, but when it’s for me, I have all these limiting ideas:

  • If I wear it now, it will never look this beautiful again. I have to save it to wear it in a special occasion.

Limiting ideas on top: this day isn’t special enough, I won’t have nice clothes to wear for a special occasion, I can’t wear this because it won’t look as good anymore.

Now that I’m looking at it, it’s a bit of a lack mentality (I won’t have enough), combined with an idea that there are special days and normal days.

But I’m trying to see every day as special. Every day is a special day, don’t you agree? Thinking that way is helpful. Because every day is special and I can make every day amazing, if that’s how I see it.

What if this day is also amazing, so I can wear my best clothes, my best dishes,… What if every day is amazing?

So what are your goals for your style?

And actually these aren’t goals, these are some habits or rituals I want to start doing. My goal is to love my style every day and feel inspired and creative when I get dressed.

Share your goals, habits and rituals you want to have, I’d love to know :)


P.S. Yesterday I got a message from someone saying that they love my message, but not that I’m also selling things.

I see selling as helping. Because when I sell, I’m offering a real transformation. The truth is that most people don’t act. They read things, learn, think – what a great idea – but then it goes away.

When you really want to change, if you want to transform your life, the best way is through investing in something. When you invest your money, you know you’ll be investing your time. Choose what you’re going to do, the people that are going to guide you. And then work with them. If you can do it, that will make you have results, for sure!

Want results? Get the right help!

Continuing, I have a new program to help you create your goals, your dreams, what you want to be, do and have in your life. It can be focusing more on style and business and success. And we can also do it for your relationships, health and body, and so on.

If you don’t now, I’m a Certified Life Coach, so I can help you with any area of your life.

The name of my new program is Clarity, Confidence & Commitment! Why? Because those are the steps, the keys, what you need to make your dreams come to life.

Clarity to know what you really want, and have a clear vision. Confidence so that you believe you can do what you set out to do. And Commitment to be consistent and go for it. I’m going to show you how to develop these three keys and support you along the way of reaching your goals.

If you’re interested in this program, and are ready for real transformation and to invest in yourself, send me a private message and I’ll tell you more about the program!

You can send it on instagram or facebook:

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