The Problem with Your New Year’s decisions

Today I want to tell you a bit about New Year’s decisions.

For example, I decided that this year, I wasn’t going to touch coffee or matcha, black tea or any other energy drinks.

What did I feel like doing, first day of the year?

Have a coffee, matcha or something similar ;)

Some years ago, I started to not care a lot about New Year’s decisions cause I realized, I mostly didn’t follow them. And when I did, for a while, at the end of the year I didn’t have a clue what those decisions were.

And besides, deciding on some random things when the new year starts… is that really what’s going to make you feel fulfilled?

I don’t think so…

Two years ago, I did a course where I learned a new way of choosing goals, that I decided to use from now on, because I really loved the results.

When I reviewed my goals, I was super happy about my progress. I noticed how far I’ve come, from 2020.

It helped me feel motivated all year long, because I had my deeper why and I had a process, a process I really believe in, to get me to my goals.

And ultimately, to my vision for my life.

You can learn a bit more about that process in the video below:

It’s really easy but at the same time very powerful.

This year I’m setting my goals this week.

And I want to help you set your goals too.

So I’m doing a free workshop, on January 15, with the method I use.

I’m going to take you through the steps you need to take to set your goals and also, reach them.

It’s going to be live. So you can ask me any questions you have.

Here are some things I acomplished this year (related to my goals):

* Being vegan and loving it
* Feeling more energetic and healthy than I have in years (my main goal for the year)
* Being much more in touch with my intuition and aware of my ego – not letting it stop me
* Loving myself and accepting myself much more
* Surfing without a teacher and with my own board
* More connection with my husband and much less fighting
* Helping 32 amazing women 1:1, plus many more with my free content
* Started my podcast: A Beautiful Life
* Worked with the best mentors
* And much more

Some months ago I noticed one of the routines I had set for myself, which was meditating 3x per week. At that time, I was already meditating almost every day, except weekends (now I’m meditating every day).

I was happy because I realized, this was my goal at the beginning of the year: 3 times per week. I’d be happy if I was able to do that, at the end of the year. But I did much more!

So that is the power of setting your intentions, your goals. Of knowing the reason why you want them. And of acting to reach them.

You not only reach what you set for yourself, you also go above and beyond, many times!

If you want my help with setting your goals and reaching them in 2021.

Or if you want to change your life and feel better…

This workshop can help you.

You can enter below: Set Your Goals for 2021 –

Lots of love,

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