What’s Really Stopping You & Why Nothing Changes

Today I wanted to tell you about what’s really stopping you…

Is it your husband?
Maybe you don’t have a great relationship, maybe you don’t know how to talk with him, maybe you think he’s a narcissist…

Maybe you can’t work on what you want because your husband makes your life impossible and you just feel sad. Is that it?


What about your family? Is it your family that is keeping you down? They don’t listen to you, they don’t care enough about you. Maybe they didn’t love you like they should have, in the past. Is it that they wounded you for life and now you can’t do anything about it?


What about your health? You’re tired all the time. It’s that I have this ilness and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s that I don’t feel good enough, now that I have this ilness. Is that it?


Is it a money problem? You need more money to be able to do what you want… to have success in your business, to buy new clothes so you can change your style, to buy a new house so you finally feel happy… Is that it?

No, no and no! :)

The only thing stopping you, now, today, and always, is your own mind!!!

Is it that you’re not as good as everyone else? That you don’t have what it takes to work doing what you love, to be the best partner ever, to be super healthy, to have all the abundance you want?

No, you’re perfectly good enough.

You’re the same as everyone else.

We’re all the same.

But we don’t think the same, we don’t believe the same, we don’t see things the same.

And that’s where you want to work on: yourself!!!

Jim Rohn said something like: if you want things to change, change yourself.

I read that phrase when I was going through a dark afternoon, crying and asking why things wouldn’t change, no matter what I did.

When I read that phrase, at first I thought: But I’m doing all this work to change…

But then I realized that I was learning how to change, but I wasn’t really changing.

I knew what to do, but did I do it? No.

Day after day, I just kept being the same person. I kept clinging to my old way of being. Thinking the same thoughts – things aren’t working, nothing works, why can’t I change, and so on…

Maybe I stopped thinking that for a little while, when I was learning how to think differently, but then I’d go back to the same. I’d get stuck in the same patterns.

I just felt helpless.

So it’s not what you know, but what you do with what you know.

If you want things to change, YOU need to change!!!

That doesn’t mean you need to be someone else, that you aren’t enough exactly as you are right now. It means you need to see things differently.

To see your patterns and not fall into them. To not believe the limiting stories that make you someone you’re not.

You need to start accepting yourself, loving yourself and accepting your patterns, everything about you. And then change what doesn’t serve you.

This post is already long, so I’m going to wrap it up!


In conclusion, what’s really stopping you is YOURSELF.

You are the “enemy”, or better said, your mind is the “enemy”.

No one can stop you, except yourself.

So watch your patterns, be aware of your stories, know that they aren’t real. And you’re going to start to see things change. But the most important thing:

You need to REALLY stop beliving those stories. It’s not – oh, yeah, I know that they aren’t real… but in the end, you don’t believe that. You still prefer to believe the limiting stories. You’re still wrapped up in them.

Believe what you want to believe. What serves you. Because it’s all an ilusion anyway. Your ilusion. So you can make it what you want. Make your own ilusion, but the ilusion that comes from your higher self, from higher principles.

The ilusion that comes from infinite possibilities, for you.

Lots of love,

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