Today I wanted to tell you about a challenge for your style, success & wardrobe. I thought about making this challenge to help you organize your wardrobe, have more style and more success!

You probably already know that people make an opinion of you in less than 7 seconds, and that opinion is related, above everything else, to your appearance.

Have you seen The Voice Portugal?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but just by looking at people for a few seconds, you can quickly get an idea and divide them into two types of people: betas and non-betas. I don’t have a translation for it in English, but it’s basically people that care a lot about the exterior and others that don’t.

When I was a teenager, people used to tell me that I was a Beta.

And I didn’t even understand why. I remember thinking: but why?

All this to tell you, that this year one of my identities is to be beta. I decided to go back to beta! Or be it for the first time.


Because this year I had a goal to take better care of my image and style. I have been neglecting that, which is normal with the situation we are all in now. But it’s not that natural if I think that when I get well dressed and take care of myself, I don’t just change others’s opinion about me. I also change my opinion about myself.

For example: The truth is that when I don’t wash my hair for more than two days, I don’t feel so good. I start to get irritated with the hair, I think it doesn’t look beautiful. So, why do I let it go? For several reasons – I think I don’t have time, I don’t feel like it, it’s not worth it. No matter the reason, I get the same result. My hair looks less beautiful.

Back to the betas. Have you seen one without beautiful hair?
Of course not! Lol

Advantage of being beta: Always looking good. And that’s my goal. Because I know that I’ll feel better, I’ll like my appearance more, I’ll also take better care of myself, and have more time for myself. And that can only be good.

So which side are you on? The ones who take care of herself every day, with great care? The ones who dress well, wash their hair religiously, and still have time for everything else they want to do in life?

Or you’re one of those who don’t have time to take care of themselves, dress well, or apply some makeup. And that still doesn’t have time for anything?

Either way, it doesn’t matter. Wherever you are, you can choose now, to go to the next level. Take care of yourself more. Because there’s always a next level. Be more cute, look better, like your appearance more. And you also have time for everything else. There’s always time for everything that’s important to us. We just have to decide, what do we want to focus on.

And if it’s important for you to like your appearance, make a good impression, set an example for your kids and succeed in your life. Check out the Style & Wardrobe of Success challenge.

It’s 5 days and you can enter below:


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