Today I wanted to tell you about being your next level.

How can you do that, now?

Within you, you already have everything you need.
Within you, in your unconscious, you already have all the parts you need to achieve your purpose and do what you really want, in your life …

But sometimes you can’t access that part of you.
Sometimes you are too concerned with what others think, for example. And you can’t be totally you.

I hear that a lot from my clients. For example, they don’t wear what they want cause they’re afraid of what others will think. If they wear what they feel like wearing.

They think they have to conform to what others wear, or do. Because that’s what we got used to be. To think. It’s the herd mentality.

It doesn’t sound very good lol.

But do we really want to be the sheep?
Or do you want to be the leader, and change things? Show other people that we can use what we want, and we won’t die because of it?

I feel I’m being a little direct, but that’s what we really feel. If you wear this piece of clothing, if you write this article, people may not like it. So you’re out of the pack and so you’re rejected. Then you don’t survive.

But … if you think about it, is that what you want to be? A part of the pack? A sheep dressed like all sheep? Lol doesn’t sound so good again ;)

But I am not criticizing, because I used to do that too, and now I do it less, because I want to be more guided by my higher self, and less by my ego.

Your mind will try to protect you and keep you in the status quo. The status quo, however, is a little BORING …;)

It reminds me of that movie with Jim Carrey in which he always lived in a city that is being filmed, but he doesn’t know. And all the people are acting for the film, and are playing a play for TV, and he’s the only one who doesn’t know. So his life is 100% predictable. He can never leave because there is nowhere to go – it’s all unreal, a TV studio. If he tries to get out of the usual routine, do something different, everyone tries to get him back to where he was, to give up, for the TV show to continue.

Unfortunately this is also true in real life!

The ego, your ego and that of other people, try to keep you where you are, in every possible and imaginary way. But when you know that, when you realize the truth, you can see that it’s the ego and decide then, that you won’t listen to your mind or other people’s ideas, you’ll follow your own path. Which is what Jim Carrey does in the movie, when he realizes he’s being filmed and it’s all unreal;)

The film is called The Truman Show, if you want to see it.

Continuing, if you know that when you want to wear a different outfit, you start to think that you can’t …

Because you can’t look good with pieces like that … it’s just for others
Because you’re too old or too young
Because everyone will be looking at you …

And if you know that those thoughts are the ego trying to stop you. Trying to keep you in your comfort zone, what you are used to … Trying to stop you from being different, or following your higher self, your inspiration.

You can make a different decision. You can become your higher self, listen to your higher self, follow your higher self.

When you follow your higher self, you are automatically your next level. You’re on the last level to tell the truth :)

This is a way then to go to the next level: listening to the ego, seeing that what it says isn’t true, and following your inspiration, your ideas, your higher self instead!

Put on the dress you want to wear!
Start the business you want to start!
Do what you’re afraid to do!

That’s how you become who you really are … your higher self !!!


P.S. I’m going to start a 5 day challenge called The Style of Success. Are you interested in it? Send me a message and I’ll add you to the facebook group. Soon I’ll send more information and dates.


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