Today I wanted to tell you about alignment and how I realized that I’ve been out of it for the past few months!

Sometimes life brings us experiences, that make us stop for a minute to look around, gain perspective and think:

But what have I been doing?

Has it happened to you? Experiences that are so big or that simply show us, in a CLEAR way, that we’re on the wrong path?

Yesterday I had one of those experiences.

I played a game with my kids.

I made a chart with the things I want to do this year, and one of them is to play a game with them every week.

Do you believe that last year, I had exactly the same goal and we played a game together maybe once or twice?

As I usually think everything is fine with the relationship between my children and me, that goal was at the bottom of the list of priorities for the year.

And since I was launching the coaching I learned last year, I dedicated myself a lot to the business.

But yesterday, not only because of the game but because I realized how I’ve been focused in my goals and not seeing anything around me…

And because I realized that it’s hurting my kids and giving them an example that honestly isn’t the best …

I saw that productivity also has its problems.

And it’s when you begin to be so productive that you have to be very careful about what you decide to do, when and how, so you aren’t consumed by your decisions.

I had goals for all areas of my life, but I forgot to check if every day, or every week, I was taking care of every one of them.

Last week I wrote a post where I said that my family is first, because that’s what’s most important to me, more important than the business of course …

But has it ever happened to you, knowing that something is important, but you continue to act like it isn’t? You know that things aren’t going well, every week you notice that this isn’t how you wanted to act, but you still do the same.

You continue forward as if you had no choice. As if you can’t stop right now, and decide that this time, is going to be different.

Talk to yourself or write about it maybe, what’s wrong with your life and what are you going to do differently? Where are you fooling yourself and where are you being authentic?

I have a goal of working a few hours, but I end up getting carried away by the things I have to do. By the do list.

But more and more I’m thinking that I don’t want to know about the to do list. To the hell with the to do list ;)

I have to focus on what I like to do in my business, and do it in the time I have for my business. And then stop and live my life, be with my kids, enjoy every moment and do things that I also like to do, personal stuff.

For me, family and health come first, and then freedom.

But I haven’t been that free, if I think about it. I’ve been stuck in obligations, which I think I have to do, to be successful. To have a business that works.

Despite knowing that I don’t need to work long hours because there are people who don’t, and are successful.

My excuses were: But I still have to learn so much (every day I have courses to do) / just this thing, because I HAVE to do it (Do I really?). And things like that …

What if you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do to succeed?

Isn’t that what is having success on your own terms? And how can I say that this is what I’m teaching, if that’s not what I’m creating?

Because if you do inspired actions, from your higher self, these are things that you want to do, that come from your soul. That will expand and help you grow. And that’s a good challenge!

But the missive is already long. It’s 4:20 am now.

So yesterday I was thinking: What have I been doing?

Despite feeling, every day, that I was exaggerating? That I needed to slow down?

And now, am I going to write this post, and not change anything?

Or will I take what I’ve learned and use it to have a better life? To give my children the time we need together?

All this to tell you that maybe in your life, there is also something that you know isn’t right. That isn’t ideal. That you need to change. But you’re still stuck in your daily life, in the habits you usually follow, in the things you think you NEED to achieve.

I think I need to succeed to be happy, to be accepted, to be all right … or my ego thinks it, of course ;)

But what is success for me?

Isn’t it about looking back and thinking that I lived life as I wanted? How I decided to live it? My way?

This is reminding me of Frank Sinatra’s music – My way lol

Speaking of that, I’m going to listen to it and send you the link:

So that’s it, I hope I helped you in some way.

Thank you for reading my posts.

This was more of a rant but I think it might also help you, because I felt inspired to write it.


P.S. Last week I finished the launch of the CCC program: Create Your Epic Life. But I decided to do just one more day, because I still had some things to share ;)

If you want to completely transform your life in one or more areas, this is the program that will help you with that. With my support of course!

And I also wanted to tell you about investing in yourself. Putting yourself first!

Last year, I did my Jungian life coach course which was 10k. Before deciding that I was going to do it, I was really stressed out. I couldn’t think about anything else.

I had to make a decision but deciding to spend that money on myself and my business was one of the toughest decisions I ever did. I just felt anxious all day long, while I didn’t decide!

But I knew that this was what I wanted to do, I knew how it could change my life and so I went forward with it.

And without a shadow of a doubt, it was the most life changing course I ever did, and it means that now, I can teach others the same methods, so they can change their lives.

Many things changed for me with doing this course, and for my family too.

The most important one thought, is that I now feel connected to something greater than myself. I know my purpose and I feel that I’m on the right path. And I know that I can accomplish anything I want.

I’m telling you this so you can see the value of investing in yourself and working on yourself. Because “nothing changes, until you change”. And the greatest investment we can make is in our own advancement, knowledge, tools for life.

My program Clarity, Confidence, Commitment: Create Your Epic Life can change your life, because it will change the way you see yourself, other people around you, the World you live in.

Have you invested on an 1:1 program before?

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