Business goals for 2021

What are your business goals for this year?

Do you have them?

I’m adding some new things to my business this year!

I still have to make some decisions but here are some of my ideas:

1. Simplify the business – I have lots of things going on, two languages in everything, and I’m thinking about dedicating each platform to a different language and making it easier on me ;)

2. Have a path for my clients. So they know what to do next, if they want next steps. I have it already in a way, for style.

A lot of people enter into the Create Your Style of the Season course and then do the Get Stylish Now System.

But this year I’m also selling my signature style program, called Stylish Every Day. So I’m going to make it all work some way!

3. I finally decided 100% on my coaching area, and it’s business & money/abundance mindset. I’m having some new programs about it later this year. For me it’s also about making biz easy and fun. Of course :)

I’m adding all of this into my business board this year, still have to think about how to do it ;)

I’m doing my business goals later today, and so I’ll probably have some new things to tell you.

But I’d love to know your business goals or situation…

Do you have a business?

Are you thinking about having one?

What would you like me to talk about?

What about your style? What would you like help with?

Finally, are you looking for help to create an amazing online business, from ease and flow?

Or to create your ideal style and image, and feel more confident?

Or change another area in your life?

I’m finishing this week the launch for my new coaching package:

Clarity, Confidence, Commitment: Create Your Epic Life

By Friday, it’s the last day to enter. We begin on February 15. It’s 3 months.

If you’re here, reading this, I know you want to change your life. I know you have goals you want to see come to life

I know it may seem that it’s no use for you and you’ll never get there.

I used to think that too, about my business, about my style, about my diet when I was struggling with my weight. About my relationship…

But I’m living proof that you can change anything you want! You just need to decide and start taking action. And have the help of someone along the way, to make it quicker and easier.

How did I learn to lose weight? With books first and then with a doctor that changed my mindset about diets. I was dieting to get slim, then I’d start eating again like I used to. That was my whole plan. He told me something that changed the way I ate forever: This isn’t a diet, this is how to eat FOREVER!

I was: FOREVER?!?!
What do you mean? I thought. Am I supposed to eat vegetables, grilled fish and boiled potatos for the rest of my life? LOL. Of course it wasn’t that radical, but I needed to shift completely my perception of what to eat each day.

Another great change came from another doctor, this time a friend of the family. I told him: What do I do, if I feel hungry after eating this? You don’t eat!!!

What? For me that was another life changer… should I not eat, even if I feel like eating?

But the biggest changes came from talking directly to someone, because… it’s one thing to hear information, and think about applying it and maybe even applying it.

It’s another thing to talk with someone who practices what you want to learn, that makes it her way of life. Just that will change your perception too. And it’s one thing to hear it in a training and a very different thing to hear it from someone else, directly!

So what I want for you, is real change and transformation. That’s why I’m telling you all this.

And if you’re ready for it, to change your life and create an epic life, biz, style, I can help you with my new program CCC! Send me a message on Instagram of Facebook to know more or an email to

You can see more about the program here:

Lots of love,

P.S: Want to find out what’s stopping you from reaching your ideal life? I’m offering 3 free calls this week, to help you find out.

Schedule your call here – Free discovery session:

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