Today I wanted to ask you if you are in your power or if you’re giving your power away…

Because guess what! If you keep blaming others, if you keep thinking that you can’t do something. That it’s too complicated, too hard for you…

You’re in victim mode. You are not in your power. You’re giving your power away to outside conditions, circumstances, people, whatever.

And sometimes it isn’t that easy to get out of this way of thinking, of seeing things. But no matter, that’s what you need to do, if you want to create your life in a powerful way.

And what can help you a lot to get your power back, is to feel the feelings that come along, when you’re feeling like a victim. That conditioning came from when you were a kid and you believed you had no power.

And now you keep believing the same. When you stay with the emotion that comes up, you’re returning the power to yourself.

You can find a meditation to stay with your emotions here:

But continuing…
Feel that emotion and it will stop having so much power over you. And you can also keep going, while you listen to the stories that tell you you can’t, you say to yourself that it’s not true, because you know it’s the ego! It’s just an interpretation, an ilusion. It’s not the truth.

So you say thank you ego, I’m feeling this way, I know the stories aren’t true, I know this feeling isn’t true, so I’m going to keep going. Because I know I can, I know it’s for me, I know my path!

And that’s how you can keep going, through the feeling like a victim.

Sometime, somewhere, you learned to feel helpless. You learned to feel powerless, but now you know better. Now you’re not a kid anymore. Now you know you have the power within you.

Remember you are one with everything, you have all the power. You can create what you want. The business you want, the style you want, the life you want!

Hope this helped!
Let me know in the comments below: do you feel powerless sometimes? Do you know it’s just stories and that you can keep moving forward?

Lots of love,

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