Today I wanted to tell you about this awesome story that happened to my husband and I.

We went to Athens because I had a retreat, from the Jungian life coach course I was doing at the time.

The trip was €800, including the plane tickets for both of us and our stay in an airbnb, near the retreat.

We paid for everything but we didn’t know that we’d receive the €800 back, plus some bonuses.

So here’s what happened:

We were going back to Lisbon, and I had an event there, from a Brazilian coach.

But when we arrived at the airport, and were going to board the plane, they told us it was impossible. The flight was full.

I was outraged, so much so that I told them that I’d never fly in that company again and some more stuff too, lol. I felt really triggered, I felt like crying. I told them I had an event that was already paid for and that I couldn’t ask for a refund the day before.

But nothing could be done. The flight was full. And we were off it.

I was really angry and felt down, since I was planning on going to the event and now I had also lost the money that I had paid for the event.

But as I was going to our hotel – free and paid by the airline – I started to see the other perspective:

  • on one hand, we were going to catch a late night flight, spend the night at the airport – 7 hours – in the middle of the night with everything closed. And then arrive at Lisbon pretty tired for sure. And I was going to an event that was all day long and continued for 2 more days. So I felt relived in a way.
  • As we approached the hotel, I saw a little coffee shop. I’d been wanting to try a traditional sweet they have in Greece, for the whole trip. But I ended up never doing it, always waiting for the next opportunity. I asked for one at the coffee shop, and it was delicious. I don’t think I could have found a better place to have it ;)
  • Then we went to the hotel – it was pretty great and we could sleep instead of spending the whole night up, in an airplane and airport. I felt really grateful because I could finally go to sleep and forget all the confusion from the last hours.
  • In the morning, we went to have breakfast, which was included in the stay at the hotel, and we realised that the hotel was really beautiful and the breakfast was amazing. I think I never felt as happy for something that I felt awful about, just some hours before.

I started thinking – well maybe this isn’t as bad after all. I slept well, I can still go to the other days of the event – maybe. We stayed in a great hotel, I had my sweets, we are having an amazing breakfast :)

  • We had a flight booked for us. The flight was amazing. I can’t tell you how smooth it was – no turbulence at all. Best flight I had in a long time.
  • Then we arrived at Madrid. We stayed for a few hours at the airport but it was really nice. We worked together outside catching some sun. There were lots of tourists working also and it was really nice.
  • I arrived at Lisbon at night and went straight to the event. “Unfortunately”, they told me I couldn’t attend the event because I missed the first day. But they gave me a full refunded because they understood the situation.

By now, I wasn’t making assumptions about what’s bad or good anymore. The Universe knows better :)

Who am I to say what’s good or bad? Besides, those are just labels from the ego – everything is neutral :)

  • Finally, we got an email: the airline paid €400 to each one, compensation for our inconvenience! I was surprised because it was the exact amount we had spent on the whole trip, coming back to us!

All this situation really put things in perspective for me. You know, all the energy I spent feeling in despair, bad and down, and that things weren’t working out for me.

There was a time when I had to decide – was I going to Lisbon alone, or would I stay in Athens?

Because there was a place in the plane, but not two. That’s why they would just refund one ticket.

At that moment, when I had to decide, I was so triggered that I just couldn’t think. I was torned between going and not going. I was afraid to go alone and I thought – does this mean I need to face this fear? Is this an opportunity to change, to go more into my higher self by choosing what I’m afraid of? Am I just being controlled by the ego, if I stay in Athens?

I was blaming myself for not having the courage to go. I was confused about my next step. But I had to decide, there was one person that had to enter the plane, if I didn’t.

I finally decided by using a method that I learned in the coaching course. The answer was to stay and so I stayed. AT the time I felt torn. Am I just being afraid? But I also felt I didn’t have the energy, or the courage to go alone, at that time.

I was so disappointed at myself. I think I didn’t even understand that very well, at the moment.

And afterwards, I tought it was the best decision.

So maybe it was another kind of opportunity. An opportunity to also fall back and rest. To know that I don’t need to always be on, going farther along, going faster, in changing my life.

Sometimes we just need to fall back, and enjoy the life we have right now.

OR is it every time?

Lots of love,

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More photos from the trip:

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