Today I wanted to tell you about resistance.

Resistance comes when you are really into something, and you’re going for it. And you start to see results and your ego gets really scared.

And now the ego is all in, trying to make you stop. And you start feeling all the feelings, and doing all the things. But not the things that move you forward, but the things that take you to where you were before.

Resistance makes you stop in your tracks if you let it. But you can also feel the resistance and continue with your routine anyway.

Even if the feeling seems impossible, you can do it.

You can pick yourself up, know you can do this, and know that the resistance is great. Because if you keep going, even with the ego trying to stop you full bast… it will eventually stop. It will eventually slow down and be less painful.

Because now the ego is seeing that it’s no use, it used all the strategies and nothing worked. You’re determined. And at the same time you’re showing the Uni that nothing will stop you. That you mean business. That you won’t take no for an answer.

And so you have two forces working for you, and you’re going to start feeling better. Everything eventually becomes easier.

And keep up the good routines, the good practices, that helps a lot with keeping good energy levels through the day.

When the triggers come, when the feelings come, the resistance comes, remember to not avoid them. What you resist, persists. Let it be, let the feelings be there. You can take them, you can handle them. Everything is ok, now and always.

You can do this and the harder it feels, the closer you are to your breakthrough. Remember that and keep going.

Lots of love,


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P.P.S. Curious about the pic? That’s me and my father, at the beach!

My father worked a lot and I felt that he was missing out on time with the family and doing what he loved. I felt that he was missing out on LIFE!

I think that’s one of the main reasons I decided that I didn’t want to work on a regular job, and that I have as one of my first and most important values, freedom!

I now know that he really loved his work (Didn’t know that when I was a kid), but I still feel the same way. I love to have the freedom to work as I want to work!

What about you?

What are your main values?

And are you living them?

If you’re not, you can ask yourself: What do I need to stop doing, that isn’t aligned? And why do I do it? And ask why 5-7 times, for more clarity!

And then, stop doing it! :)



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