Why you aren’t acting

Today I wanted to talk to you about not acting.

 To think: I need to do this, I should do this, for example ... I need to ask for a divorce, I should stop doing this job that I hate. 

Thinking, I can’t bear to work here every day anymore, or why do I stay in this marriage? 

And for a moment you feel that there is another possibility, you feel that you can change your life, you can even make a decision ... 

But in a little while you are thinking differently. 

Maybe I'm hurrying, it's not that bad. Maybe he changes, maybe I need to like living where I am. 

Maybe I can't do it alone, maybe this is my fate, my destiny ... 

Has it happened to you?

In the first part, your higher self showed you what is possible: 

This situation is no longer acceptable, I know I can get better.

As for example with your style, you go to your wardrobe and you are tired of always using the same outfits. And it makes you irritated and you think you're going to change!

First you're looking at the possibilities.

But in an instant your ego detects that and starts showing you, by A + B, why it's a bad idea.

I really like a way of explaining this that one of my coaches uses: It's as if you're inside a small room, in a huge and spectacular castle. At any time you can open the door and have this whole castle for you.

But when you open the door, you get scared. You're lurking, but you don't know what might be on the other side. And so you go back to your room, and stay there always, locked in. Without ever discovering everything else that's available to you.

Your ego wants to keep you in the room! Why? Because it's afraid that you'll go out and that it won't go well. Because you're afraid of the unknown.

But today I wanted to ask you, is it worth sacrificing your LIFE, to not feel that fear?

I think not! I'd dare say that you think not too!

So today ask yourself: What do I need to change in my life?

What is no longer acceptable?

What am I going to take to the next level?

And then, what's my next action, to get there?

You have the answers within you, but it's not enough to know what needs to be done. When you know, you have to act.

After all, are you going to stay in the tiny room, forever?

Lots of Love,

P.S. Do you want to change your style? The solution is the same, take action. And know that you have a castle waiting for you, made of the new style that you can have.

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You already have an exercise there, to make a quick declutter of your wardrobe.


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