3 Mistakes that can Keep You from Having Style

3 mistakes that can keep you from having style

Here are 3 key things that keep you from having the image and style you want.

  1. Repeating the same groundhog day experience, expecting that things change, one day. Hint: Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results!

We all tend to go back to our usual way of doing things, because it’s our habit. We are driven by habits. So you may decide to change your style, but after a while, you’ll be back on your usual routine, wondering why nothing changes.

That’s why you need to create new routines that serve you. Learning how to create different outfits, that look great, on a regular basis, by practicing, is a key part of changing your style.

  1. Following other people ideas for your style

You may find someone that does things a certain way, that found how to have style in a certain way. Maybe you go shopping with her even. But until you understand your own style, what pieces work for you, what do you want to wear.. you won’t be able to pass those ideas to the person helping you, and she won’t be able to really help you too.

So you need to understand your own style, and that is done by practicing and observing what works for you.

  1. You don’t believe you can look the way you want to

If you keep on in a victim mode, feeling that you can’t do it, or it’s too much work, nobody cares, you don’t care, it’s no use… guess what happens? Nothing!

You need to be willing to give your time, attention, energy to changing, until it becomes easy for you. So easy that you wonder why on Earth it was ever a theme for you ;)

I hope this helped you!

And it was to be able to help you more that I created my new offers:

The Course Create Your Style of the Season, helps you to create new outfits and shows you how to adapt them to your style. Just by doing this course and trying on the outfits and adapting them to yourself, you’ll start to see your style change and how it’s really possible for you. In 14 days you’ll have a transformation!

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The Course Get Stylish Now System, helps you create a new habit of playing with fashion, learning about your own unique style and the pieces you need to have in your closet, to create that style. You’ll see how you can do it, as you practice and create outfits that look amazing on you and make you feel like a million bucks!

You can start it now here (the jumpstart workshop is ready):

Get Stylish Now System: http://bit.ly/cyouapp​

Did this help you? Send me a message or email and let me know!

Also, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Lots of love,


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