Today I wanted to tell you about being you, and are you really allowing yourself to do it?

I wanted to tell you about giving yourself permission to do your own thing! What if you could throw everything in the air, and not give a damn to what others say you need to do. What if you could trust only yourself? And that would be enough?

What if you already knew what you need to do, have to do, could do, but most of all, what if you already knew what is the best, easiest, more aligned way for you to do it?

Love is the answer after all and I think, it’s probably the answer to everything!

What do you love to do? Add that to your business and you have a business you love. What you don’t love to do? Cut it out, immediately.

In your style: what do you love in your closet? Wear it often. What you don’t love? Throw it in the garbage, or give it away, sell it, whatever. Get it out of your sight ;)

One day I was watching some movies from my past and I was surprised with how stylish, happy, calm I looked. Always thinking I was less than, never seeing who I truly was. I used to think that my youth was wasted, but on that day I thought: am I wasting my life, my current youth, because I keep seeing and believing that I’m not enough?

Is it the same for you? Are you enough? For yourself? For your life? To really have what you want?

Don’t you think, there was a time when you were amazing? Look at your old pictures, what do you think? Isn’t it a pitty that you couldn’t see how amazing you were? And isn’t it a pitty that you can’t see how amazing you are now?

I see you, I believe in you!
Can you see yourself and believe in yourself too?
I hope so!!!
Lots of love,

P.S. Sound familiar?

You changed careers or your lifestyle and you feel that your style doesn’t match your current situation.

You’re in your comfort zone, always buying and wearing the same types of clothes. Maybe you feel you look like a teenager, or too formal. You’ve become stuck and want to change your style, but you don’t know where to start.

You also feel that you worry too much about what others think, when you choose your clothes.

You feel you lost your sense of style.

One of my latest clients came to me feeling like her style didn’t make her feel confident or comfortable. She wanted to have a style that reflected her current lifestyle and wanted to build a new wardrobe for the future.

Imagine changing your career and lifestyle but then feeling out of place, because of the way you look? Hell no ;)

Within one month, she:

  • learned how to have the new casual-chic look that she wanted
  • moved away from her comfort zone and bought new pieces, for herself. Pieces that she loved and knew how to choose, to recreate her new style
  • started to create a wardrobe that reflected her new career and lifestyle
  • felt that she was dressing appropriately for her age and lifestyle and that she looked casual but chic and still professional

So how did she transform her style so quickly?

  1. Knowing more about the casual-chic style and how to recreate it, for her body: Buying new clothes doesn’t help, if you don’t know how to combine them, in the right way for yourself and your style.
  2. Knowing about basic pieces and how to choose them: The right pieces make the right wardrobe, it’s about noticing the little details that make the difference.
  3. Inner work: Having a new mindset, that allowed her to believe in herself and make the best choices for her, instead of choosing for others

Having a style and image you love is allowed to feel EASY. If it doesn’t, send me a message or enter one of the programs below:

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Lots of love!!!!

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