Do you want my help to have more style, this season? (new programs)

Today I wanted to tell you about some programs that can help you have more style!

If you really want to change your style and be more successful in one or more areas of your life, there’s one thing that’s essential: acting!

I think I’ve talked about this many times, but it never hurts to repeat ;)

For a long time in my life, I had this idea of ​​what my future was going to be. But I was waiting for it to come to me, as if by magic. Just because I felt like it was supposed to …

But guess what ;)

It never arrived!

It’s not very comfortable to realize that nothing’s going to change, if we don’t change. Nothing will happen if we don’t do it. But on the other hand, it also frees us.

Because when we know that, we know that everything depends on us. And if until now, we’ve let our life pass by, waiting that one day what we want will happen to us … starting today, we can choose differently and act for what we want to finally appear.

There are several steps to follow to succeed with your style, or with anything else in your life!

The first, obviously, is to know where you want to go. But if you’re reading this post, you already have an idea: You want to have more style, more success.

The question now is: what to do to get there?

And it’s to help you with that, that I have some programs, which will start on March 22 (Monday) ;)

πŸ’ƒ The first one is called Create Your Style of the Season (Spring / Summer 2021 edition) and it’s a program that many clients tell me they love. πŸ’ƒ

It’s about creating a wardrobe with the basic casual-chic outfits, that look great for any occasion. I show you how to adapt these outfits for day-to-day, weekend or special occasions. We also talk about trends, what you can wear, and how you can use trends to your advantage, instead of being a constraint or obligation to make sure you aren’t going to go wrong.

You can see more here: Create Your Season Style –

πŸ’ƒ The second one is called Get Stylish Now System Membership and it’s a membership that I will have this year. πŸ’ƒ

It’s about practicing making outfits that look stylish, and becoming your personal stylist. You’ll know how to style outfits, understand how to make looks that work, understand what’s your style and how to use it. You’ll also discover the basics that are ideal for you, change your level of taste, have a list of outfits that you love to wear for special situations. And you have a masterclass with the Get Stylish Now System. And bonuses.

See more here: Get Stylish Now System Membership –

πŸ’ƒ Finally, I also have an option if you want to have 1: 1 coaching, to have style, success and also to change your life more profoundly. πŸ’ƒ

Most of my clients want to have style because they also want to change something else in their lives. But when you change one thing, you start to change everything. This is if you know how to work with what appears, what seems like obstacles, to understand what prevents you from achieving what you want.

With 1: 1 coaching you will see how the way you do something is the way you do everything. And when you go towards a new goal, that’s great. Because the essential condition for changing to create a new life, which you love, is to leave your comfort zone. And then use the resistance, which appears, to change everything.

If you want to know more about this option, schedule a call with me below (or send me a message):
Golden Ticket: Style of Success 1: 1 Mentorship –

If you have doubts, let me know!

Lots of love,

Some things you may want to know:

πŸ‘—Who are these programs for?
For you, if you’re ready to change, if you like to act, if you know that you’ll get results when you act and believe in yourself!
Whether you know something about style or nothing, it works for you.
If you know that learning is what will make the most difference in your style, not buying clothes, magazines or accessories.

πŸ‘—Why are these programs different from others?
Create Your Style of the Season: It’s different because you’ll have lots of different outfits in your wardrobe, that you know will look good, that work, and that you can start using now. You will see the basics of the wardrobe. An easy and quick way to start having style. 14 days of training.

Get Stylish Now System: It’s different because we practice, it’s with the practice of creating your outfits that you begin to understand what works and what doesn’t work, and it becomes intuitive to make cute outfits, which look great and are your style . You’ll act every week to change and have more style. It takes 6 months to practice, learn, until you have style intuitively.

Golden Ticket: Style of Success 1: 1 Mentorship: It’s different because you’re going to change your perception of the world, to change things from the inside out. In addition to the learning part (the two previous courses are included in this 1: 1 coaching), we work with what comes your way as you move towards your style goal, and also your success goal. It’s 3 months with my support, and then you can continue if you want.

πŸ‘—See more here:

Create Your Season Style:

Get Stylish Now System:

Call 1: 1 Style of Success (Golden Ticket):

For Golden Ticket, schedule a session with me to talk about your goals and how the coaching works.

P.P.S. Do you want to know more about how to have a successful style, for free? Enter the style challenge here:
Style & Successful Wardrobe –

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