Today I wanted to tell you about your energy.

Are you in an energy of abundance, of letting things into your life, or an energy of repelling things?

Are you believing in your capacity to make things happen, and are you considering that the Universe is helping you get there (as long as you listen to your higher self)?

Life is hard is just a construct, a saying from the ego.

But life can be really easier. It all depends on what you believe you need to be, do, have, day to day.

Do you believe you can spend all day long doing what you love, and be paid for it?

Or does that look like a very stupid, unreasonable promise, that is impossible to fulfill?

Do you believe that you need to work hard, long hours, to be the best at what you do? And can you believe you can be the best?

Or are you thinking that yes, some people say that, but it’s because they are the lucky ones. They did the hard work before, and now they’re just receiving on it…

Do you believe that if tomorrow, you woke up and asked your soul what it wants to do, and you heard: Be with your kids now. You weren’t allowed to do it. Unless you did all your work before…

Success comes down to this simple thing! Do you believe that you have inside of yourself, what it takes to win at whatever you want to win?

Do you believe you are connected to the Universe, a greater force, to your soul and that you have guidance from within, always available?

Or do you believe you’re just a small person, in the middle of an unpredictable world, that things are happening to you and you have no power?

It is your choice and that choice, determines your success.

Lots of love,

P.S. Exercise for now: Ask yourself “What is my soul/ higher self, telling me to do right now?” And then, go do it ;)

You can’t right now? Then you’re giving yourself the answer: you’re not believing in your own power. In your own success.


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