Today I wanted to tell you about what we’re doing in the Style and Success Wardrobe challenge.

Today’s live theme is this one, how to make an outfit that works.


Because I think it’s one of the most important things to have style: knowing how to make an outfit that looks good. First because it suits you, your body. Second because it looks good in terms of styling (we’ll talk about it in tomorrow’s video). And third because it’s your style and because of that, it makes you feel confident, relaxed, and cute!

You may not know this but while I was trying to have style, several times I wore an outfit that I thought was going to look fantastic, because it had been chosen by someone else, who had a style that I admired.

But then I used the outfit and I felt really bad, and when I saw the photos, I didn’t like seeing me that much. Because I felt it wasn’t me!

That’s why I like the method that helped me to have style so much, because I know it helps you discover the authentic style for you. I’ll never tell you to wear this or that, I won’t tell you what you should wear.

Because that decision is yours alone. I’ll just help you find the best pieces and outfits for you. What represents you!

Any good coach should do this btw, because we don’t know the best answers for you. We can help you, tell you what worked for us, but then the final decision is yours. Your intuition is your best ally! You create what has meaning for you, the style that has meaning for you, and the life that has meaning for you.

Only you know what that is, and when you discover it, for example, what’s your style, it feel very good!

Because then you always know what to choose, in a store, in your wardrobe. You know what has to do with you and what doesn’t.

It’s also important to get to know yourself better, so you don’t limit yourself in your choices.

For example, if you have in your unconscious being the person who calls attention (and in your personality being the person who is discreet), you avoid using pieces that attract attention.

And then, it’s not because it’s not your style, but because of who you think you are. From the defenses you created to protect you. If you integrate the part of you that wants to attract attention, you have a choice: attract attention, or be more discreet.

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