Today I came to talk about a serious problem ;)

That is: wasting time, money and peace of mind!

But now, seriously, this is really true;)

It’s just that I wanted to tell you about my experience, to maybe help you save time, money and feel happier with your style and your life (by the way).

This is my experience:

For years and years and because I always liked fashion and liked to have style. And also because I had many friends who had more style than me and I was frustrated by not knowing how …

I tried to have more style, to find my style, to understand what it was like to have my style.

But without success.

Experimenting with outfits and more outfits, combining the pieces in different ways with the hope of finding a outfit that I liked and learning from it … it never worked.

Reading fashion magazines, learning what’s in and out, seeing advice on what to wear each season … didn’t work either.

Buying new clothes, going to better stores, buying with the help of friends who had style … also did not work.

What worked was:

  • learn about style and styling and know how to make outfits, styling rules, how to dress my body, etc.
  • practice making outfits of people who already have style, and gradually learn what combinations work, and which ones I really like – what is my style
  • learn about parts, the details, what is worth buying
  • understand what I liked, trust me and my choices more
  • to give you some ideas;)

Basically this is the message: It is not worth continuing to waste time and money buying clothes that you do not use or do not know how to use or that do not even favor you … at the same time that you do not invest in learning.

It’s like buying several bicycles waiting to find the one that will make you ride a bicycle;)
And if none works, then you try to make variations – you go first with one, then with another, trying a combination that works …

Hint: It won’t happen !!!

What you need is to learn to ride a bike, and then, anybody can do it.

With style it is the same … you need to learn: to know how to make outfits, to know the pieces, to know how to have style and only then can you have style!

One is a course with basic casual-chic sets, which can form the basis of your style. And also talk about trends and how to use them, if you want. See more here: Create Your Style of the Season –

Another is a system for you to have style, 6 months in which you will find your personal style and understand how to make sets intuitively. Your favorite sets. See more here: Get Stylish Now System –

Finally, if you want 1: 1 help to take these two courses and to achieve your goal of styling plus another related goal, book a free successful style session. We see what is preventing you from having style / your goal and talk about how I can help you. Brand here: Golden Ticket –

Do you want to have more style and more success? Enter the free challenge: Style & Successful Wardrobe –

If in doubt, say it!

Lots of love,

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