Today I wanted to talk to you about having the mentality that helps you to have what you want, such as style and success!

What mentality is that, you ask?

It depends a little on you, but there are some things that have to be the same for everyone!

For example, if having fun is important to you, if living life in your own way is important to you, maybe your successful mentality involves believing that you can have fun, and you can do things in your own way, and still be successful.

But today I would talk to you about things that are common to everyone!

And a super important one is this idea that you are the only creator of your life!

This can be difficult to accept at first!

You might think: What? You’re crazy Lena Penteado! ahahah

So I am to blame that it is raining when I want to go surfing? Is it my fault that a virus appeared in the world? Did I create that I was born in the family I was born in and that they didn’t give me confidence?

Of course, that’s not what I mean!

But now, now that you are an adult woman and you can make your decisions and decide the world you live in … yes, you can!

Dozens of various options. You may think that because of the virus everything is lost and you cannot do anything. That you have to wait for this to pass. Or you can decide not to, that you can do whatever you want even with the virus. And you will even have more opportunity, if you think the right way. If you see that you have power.

You may think that your parents have taken away your trust, or you may think that the trust is within you and that you can access it whenever you want. Do you want an example? I’m sure that in your life, there is something that goes well, something that you feel good and competent at. Confident. So there you have it, confidence. And if you don’t have it now, look back and you’ll have it. Or if you can’t see any of that now, imagine what it would be like to feel confident and there you are!

Trust is within you, what you want is within you. And you can create what you want out there too, you have all the power. So this is the first change of mindset to succeed, and the most important!

Do you believe that you are the one who creates your reality, with what you think, what you believe, what you feel, that it will change as your actions?
And even before that, what is in your unconscious?

And that for that, it is nobody else’s fault, except yours? And that is why you can change and do and create whatever you want?

Until you feel that power in you, you are trapped. You are bound by circumstances, by society, by everything that stops you.

When you know you have the power to change everything, nothing scares you anymore because you know that you are the creator and therefore, it is in your hands.

This is just one of the mindset changes I talked about today in the free style and success challenge, Style & Success Wardrobe.

Today was the first workout!
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Little kisses,

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