How to work doing what you really love

Are you doing it the other way around?

Are you trying to create a business by forcing things?

By trying to choose the right strategy, trying to figure out what to do by making lists, ticking things off the list?

The first thing to know, to create a business you really love, is what you really love to do!

But we are limited with that!


Because, when we were younger, we denied some parts of ourselves. Maybe your friend made fun of the thing that lighted you up, maybe you didn’t feel understood by your parents, teachers, or whoever…

And you decided that you needed to be someone else.

Now you’re in the World, not really knowing who you are, and not really knowing what you want to do!

A key thing to change that, is to know who you really are. To know what you really love, on a deeper level. But to find out that, you need to let go of the rules you’ve made for yourself.

Maybe you loved to ride a bike, but your mother was afraid you’d get into an accident, so she didn’t allow it. And after a while, you started to feel scared too, and now you don’t even remember it anymore.

But everything is in your unconscious mind. The person you really are is there. And you just need to do the work, to meet her again.

What’s the work, you might ask?

It’s the work of accepting 100% who you are now, and at the same time, embracing the things that are in your shadow, in your unconscious mind. The things you feel are unacceptable in others – those are are the things that you need to embrace, and accept in yourself.

And when you do, a whole new World opens up to you. Things change, people change, because you have changed. You’re seeing the World from two different eyes now! From a different mind!

You are seeing more of the truth, and less of the ilusion.

You are being who you really are and as you know yourself, and you give yourself permission to be all of you, you can find your true purpose. You start to see what you really love to do. You’re able to hear your intuition, your higher self, showing you the right way for you.

So that’s the key really, to create an amazing business, that you love.

Start with yourself!

Who are you? What do you want? What will make you the happiest? know yourself, completely. Trust yourself, your higher self, completely. Accept yourself, in all your imperfections, completely!

And from that, a truly amazing business will be born ;)

Lots of love,

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