Lost in the GAP? + How to Close It

Lost in the GAP?

The GAp is a very used term in coaching which means the difference between where you are, and where you want to be!

So look around and ask yourself, where are you now?
And what is your goal, where do you want to be?

With your business it can be that you’re starting out and you want to be at 10k months or 5k months.

And how can you get there?

You’re always in a Gap, because you always have new goals. And it’s in the GAP that we evolve and grow to the next level.

While you’re in the GAP you’re learning new things, that will help you to close the gap and arrive at the other side.

And you can have a gap in many areas of your life, of course. Each gap is another thing to conquer, to arrive at, to make life fun.

A life without goals isn’t as fun or motivating. You need to have something that you are going for, some aspiration. A hope for something new. We always want to reach new heights.

But what if you can’t get out of that gap? What if you’re just there and nothing is working to change things for you?

That just means you need to work more on yourself.

Maybe you’re getting all these messages, showing you what’s wrong, and you don’t want to look at them. You’re just complaining and seeing how things aren’t going your way.

That’s one of the problems. complaining, right there. When we complain, we are living more of the same. We are saying this is what i want. More of this please. this is how it is. this is my life.

So you need to change who you are. See other things. Get out of the complaining and into love. Feel how life can be amazing instead of just seeing what’s bad.

I know from experience, as a complainer for many years. But complaining won’t take you anywhere. just to the same place. if you want to stop complaining its simple. just stop, right now.

just stop it and start appreciating.

The truth is, we can’t even be very grateful if we are always complaining.

Focus on what matters, on the truth. and the truth is love, abundance, calm and ease.

You’re the one making it hard. you’re the one choosing to see the bad way. you’re the one stuck in your pattern of complaining. can you really get out of it, can you really see things differently?

And it’s so hard, if you’re really stuck in that pattern.

maybe you look to the side, at who you think is better than you and just think – why doesn’t it happen to me? Why am i still struggling? why and why?

There you have the answer – there you are, doing the same again. Complaining. feeling like a victim. Thinking things happen to you.

You need to get out of it. And of course also accept it! Be ok with complaining. Accept it so you can also let go of it.

And then start seeing things diff. appreciate the little things. appreciate that you are here right now.

Do you need to have a wake up call, something happening, so that you see how amazing your life is right now? Can you really stop and be grateful for having the health, the eyes, the breath to read this?

We all have our struggles. Everyone is dealing with something.

But if you think that everyone else has it easy except you, that you’re the victim, there you are again. asking the Universe to show you more of that.

Can you really be 100% grateful for a simple thing like a sunset spent with the ones you love? can you feel it? can you see how blessed you are?

And then hold on to that feeling.

Be in gratitude instead of not enough. And that’s a way to close the GAP, by changing who you are. By being the grateful woman, who already has what you want.

Lots of love,

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