The faith that moves mountains

Today I wanted to tell you about having that level of faith, that literally moves mountains!

Are you believing 100% in yourself in your business? And you don’t even need 100%, just 51%, so you tip the scale to your side ;)

Today I wanted to tell you about new beginnings. Beginning a new life where you are not who you were anymore. And you become this new person, which was you all along. But you didn’t even notice her…

Because you were just stuck, being your usually persona.

We are made of habits. We got used to be this person, this limited person, closed in a box. The box that we carefully created to protect us from everything outside.

The thing is, that box isn’t needed, you can break free from it and do anything you want.

And how can you do that?

First, realize there is a box. Because, you’re so used to living there, you don’t even notice there’s this whole other world outside.

And then, act in a different way. Look outside it and then, go outside it.

How can that look like, in your business?

You are stuck in this box of how you think things need to be, how you decided or learned that is the right way.
Now you can look outside and realize – who said so? Who made these rules anyway? Because what works for one person, might not work for you.

And you can realize that you can create a business made from your own expectations, needs, wants. And that is here to not only help others but also, yourself. To grow and evolve and go to your next level. Next level of trust. Next level of faith. Next level of you.

And then you need the faith that moves mountains, to not be swayed by your persona again, to get into the box.

Because it will be there, every step of the way, telling you how dangerous and impossible it is to be outside. And that you need to go in.

And that’s when you can reassure it and tell it that it’s ok. You are at the drivers seat now, you know where you’re going, you have a vision and you know, it’s coming true.

The faith that moves mountains will help you keep on track and do what you really want to do, instead of believing your persona, your ego.

So that’s it for today!

Who are you going to listen to?
Are you going to get out of that box?

And here’s an exercise you can do: ask yourself and write, without editing or thinking – How can I get out of the box in my biz, today? And then, act!


P.S. If you want an experience of getting out of the box, and if you want to get unstuck, and live the life and business that you truly want, I have a new thing for you:

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It’s a totally free session to help you work on a goal you want to achieve. We’re going to uncover your deepest driving desire. Your real intention. And we’re going to purify your desire and find your higher desire.

If you’re following your persona or ego desires, you won’t have much power, the intention is weak. If you want to have real motivation and strength to act, and to reach the final destination that your soul truly wants, find your higher desire.

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