This week we are going to wear dresses …

Do you wear dresses?

I wanted to tell you about wearing dresses, or a piece of clothing you don’t usually wear …

Because for a very, very long time, I didn’t wear dresses. There came a time, and I don’t even know when, when I decided that they weren’t right for me, that I no longer knew anything about style and fashion. Maybe after having children?

But even before that, I rarely wore a dress.

If I went to an event or a party, I always wore the same jeans or classic pants uniform, with a shirt. I also didn’t wear blouses or different tops. I was used to wearing a classic uniform at parties and a casual one in everyday life.

But that changed once I went shopping with my sister-in-law and she showed me lots of dresses that looked great on me! I was really amazed, because I thought I didn’t know how to choose dresses, and that I was too old to wear them.

And after that, dresses became one of my favorite pieces!

What were the pieces we chose when we had to do a makeover, so that a woman had a transformation? Usually a dress, of course. Because it’s a piece that looks cute, different, and can completely transform a look!

This week, we’re wearing dresses in the style challenge of my membership. That’s why I thought about doing this post!

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But continuing with my story …

This is what I see a lot with other women as well. At a certain point in time, they stop wearing dresses, skirts, a jumpsuit, shorts, and only wear pants and more pants and often, only in 2 models.

It may seem easier but it also kills creativity ;)

If you look at other women and think you’d like to change your style, it’s because you’d also like to wear different pieces.

So try it this week: wear dresses! It can be just one day! And then send me a photo and tell me how it went ;)
Did you have a better day?

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