Too weird

Too weird, doing the wrong things, …

Today I wanted to tell you about bringing to yourself, the parts you reject. What you don’t want to accept or feel it’s unacceptable.

For example, today I had a dream in which I realized that I don’t want people to think I’m weird, that I’m strange. And so, I need to show a personality to the world.

What is it?

The personality of being a normal person. Having everything decided, figured out.

To be like everyone else.

This is reminding me of how I don’t like to see women that people call extravagant. I’m afraid to be like them …

And what we’re afraid of, harms us, because it prevents us from being who we really are.

Because the truth is that I have a strange part inside me, an extravagant part, and that part, I rejected. And it stayed in my unconscious, so that the world could see myself, normal.

But, of course, what we reject persists, and maybe the world still sees me as strange, weird. Extravagant, outside the norm …

Continuing with what I was saying, when I reject that weird part, the extravagant part, I have to spend a lot of energy trying to show the world the part that is normal, that does everything as planned, that doesn’t attract attention, that goes unnoticed .

How does that limit me?

For example, in my business. In which the goal is to be different, to stand out. How can I do that, if my goal is to go unnoticed?

So, these parts of us, which we don’t want to have, which we reject in others and in us, are the key to changing our lives. To like ourselves more and to be more complete. And to become our higher self.

Who are you judging? What kind of woman or man, can’t you stand? That is the key to realizing what is hidden within you, which can set you free.

And it’s the key to stop reacting, in your life, and start to RESPOND. In other words, to start acting as you want, from what you choose to do, and not of what you can’t stop doing, however much you want to.

Can’t stop doing it?

No, because you’re conditioned, you were used to doing this, reacting like that. And now you think you’re a slave to yourself, to your emotions, to other people, to your surroundings.

But when you begin to understand what’s within you, to accept yourself and to have compassion, for yourself and for others, the world changes. Your reactions change. What you do or not do, changes. You change.

And when you change and you can really decide what you want, from a place of freedom, you can do what you want in life. You can create what you really want. From your soul.

So today I also wanted to tell you about that. About understanding what really moves you, what’s most important to you? What does your soul want? What was it that was always there for you?

And then, look for more of that. Look for more that makes you happy. Give to yourself, every day, a little of what you most desire.

Why not, do what you want to do, now? Be who you want to be, now? Have everything you want, now?

And then, from that point, go much further. Create even more than that, at level 2, 3, 4, …?

Just a few ideas to think about :)

Here’s an exercise to put it into practice:

Write, without thinking or editing, about what is most important to you. What do you most want to have in your life? What has always been there for you? What do you most want to have, but you never seem to get it?

And when you realize what you most want to have – and it will be a feeling, an idea – for example in my case it’s love and calm / peace – ask: How can I add more of this to my life, right now, today, this week and month ?

And then act and live your best life, now :)

And if you want to know more about these methods and you like coaching, and personal development, I have something new that I will present soon, I’, making the last preparations :)

Lots of love,

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