Trust + capacity in your business

Do you feel you’re capable in your business?

Do you believe in yourself, your actions, your decisions?

Do you feel you can trust yourself?

Here’s a mindset shift that helped me get out of the times when I was feeling discouraged, ready to give up my business, 3 or 4 years ago:

Going from I don’t know what I’m doing, this isn’t working, I can’t do it anyway.. why even try?

Going from doubting everything I had done until that moment, to:

I always make the right decision, I always take the right action, and everything is perfectly Ok exactly as it is.

How does that feel?

I know that for me it felt really good, to be able to stop doubting myself and believe, that I was doing a good job!

To believe that my decisions and actions up until that moment, were correct, had their own meaning. Even if they didn’t work.

Tomas Edison kept going, after 1000 experiments. Each one was another way he found, that didn’t work.

Each one was an idea, a thing that helped him get more clarity, more wisdom, that taught him something.

All great endeavors, take time, patience, work, grit.

Isn’t your business also great?

So if you feel like giving up, if you feel discouraged, if you feel things aren’t working out… and then you start doubting everything about your life, decisions, actions…

Try out this mindset shift.

And you can journal about:

Now that I always make the right decisions I …
Now that I always take the right actions I ..
Now that everything is Ok I ….

And see what comes up!

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I love you!

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