Are you trying to be perfect?

The perfect life, the perfect business, the perfect you…

It’s just stopping you from going to the party ;)

What if you could show up as your messy self, as you’re right now? With your style maybe no makeup, a casual outfit. Not knowing more than you know now. Not being more proper or professional. What if you could just be who you are now, and that would be enough?

Maybe you stay so close to that perfection ideal, and you want things to go super well, and you compare yourself to others…

Maybe you do that to yourself, and you think you’re not good enough. You don’t have those perfect pictures, videos or body. So you can’t do it like her. You can’t show up, you can’t write your posts because you don’t write as well. You can’t show up on video because you don’t speak as well. You can’t teach because you don’t know how, you don’t have the teaching course. You can’t sell because who are you to know how to sell?

If you put yourself at a distance from the people you admire, and think that they can do something but you can’t, you’ll always be at the distance and you’ll never be able to create what you want.

So show up messy, show up as you know how to show up now. Be who you are right now and also, be better. The better version of yourself, the one you know you can tap into, at any time. Be the warrior that gets things done or that receives things but one way or the other, believes in herself enough to keep going, no matter what’s happening around her. And also the warrior that knows how to rest when it’s time to rest, and knows how to take care of herself, when it’s time to do those things. A feminine warrior ;)

But even better, you can go to another level and be your higher self. Because the warrior can still be a persona. But if you are your higher self, the consciousness connected to everyone and everything, there you have all the power. Then even not being as good as anyone else, stops to make sense. You are made from the same thing, you are one with everyone.

There’s no need for perfection, everyone just wants you to be you. And when you can accept yourself, and love yourself deeply. And start realizing you are your higher self and not your ego. Then you start to feel powerful, unlimited. You don’t depend or need others to give you what you want. You have it all inside of you.

And then maybe you can show up as you are. The messy you, the imperfect you, the human you like everyone else. And just believe and know that that is enough.

And you can finally go to the party, and enjoy yourself!

Lots of love,

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