Doing just what you love in business

Is that even possible?

But what if you just do what you love and it doesn’t work?

What if I need the new hot strategy everyone is doing?

Well, you don’t unless that lights you up. Unless it sets your soul on fire and you really want to do it ;)

In the end, it comes down to, do you believe you can create a business on your own terms, or do you believe you need to follow the x, y, z strategy?

Because, the strategy isn’t the answer. I know because I tried a thousand strategies and in the end, nothing worked, until I started listening more to myself, instead of what’s working out there.

So what do you feel is the right path, what do you think is the next step, from love, from possibilities?

What do you see as the right next step? But not looking at it from fear, the fear that it won’t work, the fear that you need to do it a certain way. Looking at it from love and expansion and possibility.

What makes you feel good? What is the thing that lights you up? and then do more of that.

What makes you feel awful, what do you don’t want to do? You can stop doing that.

I know it may sound to easy, to good to be true, but let me say that it isn’t that easy because we tend to go for the right answer, the thing that others are doing, we tend to look outside for the answers we need. And to answer to our own questions, and even harder… to believe the answer…

Well, that’s some work right there. But it’s a rewarding work because soon you’ll start to feel good about your days, about what you’re doing. You feel more motivated, more inspired. Because you’re following what lights YOU up, instead of everyone else!!!

Hope it helps.

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