The resistance is the way

Resistance is necessary and good.
Although it doesn’t feel as good ;)

So the idea is that if you’re feeling like you don’t want to go on, if you want to stop and give up. Or if things aren’t working out, situations and things come up that you can’t understand. That all means you’re on the right path.

Of course that sometimes, you’re not on the right path and you just need to change what you’re doing. But most of the time, if you made a decision and you’re going for it and lots of things start coming up… that is amazing.

That’s what is needed, what is expected and what happens. You’re trying new things and new things appear. You’re getting out of your comfort zone and it won’t be easy for sure, but it can also be much easier than it is. You just need to understand that it’s normal, that you don’t need to fight the resistance but work with it.

And then you use the resistance to know where to work inside of you. And that’s the real work, that will change you and make everything possible for you. I don’t mean change who you are, you already are everything. I mean change who you’re being, and becoming the most authentic, true you. And on another level, become your higher self.

When you get that the inside work is the most important work, that changes your mind and everything in the now, you can stop chasing the outside stuff. The trophies from the World. And you can just chase your growth, so you can be who you really are. So you are free to be who you are.

Then the business isn’t just about the business, it’s about working on your purpose, and helping others grow. And it’s about you growing and transcending your ego.

My coach told me something that I loved: you are your project. Because as I go through my stuff, I can help others go through their stuff. And I can have the freedom and well being that I want to feel.

So in the end, your business, your life, whatever you’re going through, is your project. Growing is the highest purpose. As you grow you can help others better, you can make your business better. You make your life better and the lives of others around you better.

And isn’t that a great purpose?

Lots of love,

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