The world is out to love you

How do you see the world? The people around you?

Sometimes I thought that the world was out to get me. That people were against me. That things seemed stacked against me.

Does that happen to you?

Thinking that no matter what, things aren’t going to change. Life is hard. The World is out to get you.

But what if you could see it, in another perspective.

What if your view starts to be that the World is out to love you. People are out to love you. Everyone around you is there for you!

Isn’t that much better?

If that’s your underlying view of the World, that things aren’t for you but against you, you’ll have a hard time appreciating what’s around you.

You’re seeing things from the wrong coloured glasses. And so they seem hard, desperate and sad.

But if you change the glasses and look from the ones that show you all the love that is already around you. That show you what is stacked in your favour. And how the World is here to help you…

Than you have the right point of view! And you can start to see the opportunities, the beautiful things around you, and have more of the best.

That’s the importance also of gratitude, because when you are grateful you are using those good glasses.

So here’s something you can do to get to the feeling that the World is here to help you: make a list of 100 things you’re grateful for. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just simple things like the sun, being able to walk, a look, a kiss, being comfortable in your bed, having a computer to write on, and so on.

Start with “I’m so grateful for …” or “I love…”

Connect to all the good things you have, all that’s there for you! And that’s the feeling to be on. That’s where you are seeing things from your higher self and you can create your best life. The life you really want to live.

And you can be and feel amazing right now, just by doing this simple exercise!

I hope it helps, let me know something you’re grateful for, I’d love to know!


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