When you don’t know the answers… surrender to life

Today I wanted to tell you about a mindset shift that took me from never knowing what to do, to always knowing what to do. From agonizing about my purpose to knowing I’m always living my purpose.

And it’s very simple.

It’s the way you look at things. It’s what you believe. It’s the way you see the world.

For me, I was stuck in this “what’s my purpose” question. Am I doing the right thing? Am I wasting my time? Should I stop doing this because, if I don’t have the results, that means I should be doing something else?

No, no and no :)

This is what I found out about my purpose:

  1. My true purpose is realizing that I’m the true self. That I’m not my ego. It’s to grow, so whatever I do, I’m doing my purpose. Cause whatever I do, it’s taking me there (as long as I’m doing the inner work associated with whatever comes up ;))
  2. You don’t need to figure out your purpose right now. You can find it as I go along. You can just follow soul, your intuition, follow your desires and what feels right in your heart, and trust, that it will take you to the right place.
  3. You can just take the next best step. What’s the step that you want to take right now? Take the next step and then the other next step and as you are acting, you get more and more clear. Cause action brings clarity. Staying stuck just thinking we don’t know what to do, keeps us stuck.
  4. And it all comes down to trust. Can you trust that you are being guided? Can you trust that if you’re on the wrong way, if you continue to take action, you’ll course correct and that this detour was exactly what you needed? Can you trust that life, the Universe is always showing you the way? Can you surrender to life?

So here’s what you can do:

  1. Connect with your higher self and intuition daily by journaling or meditating. Keep that connection so you can be guided by your true desires and not by your ego. And so that you reach your biggest purpose: being your true self.
  2. Follow the guidance, the ideas, the hints, the nudges. Follow what your soul, your higher self is telling you, and you can’t go wrong. Surrender to what life is telling you, showing you to do.
  3. Take those actions, keep acting, where you are. That’s the only place you can act from. And know that the next actions will show up, as you go.
  4. Keep doing the inner work, as things come up. The obstacles are the way, the “hard” people and situations are there for you, showing you what you need to work on, what’s in your mind, creating your current reality and stopping you from advancing or changing.

And that’s it!
If you have questions let me know,
Lots of love,

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