Are you settling for what you have?

Today I wanted to ask: are you settling for what you have?

Maybe you do what I used to do … (and still do, sometimes)

Complaining that things aren’t fine, that I don’t want to live like this, that I need more of this and less of that…

For example:
I need a new oven, I have to get the bikes fixed, I need more time to do what I like, I want to spend more time with my kids…

But then… you settle …

Oh yes, that’s right, I need to earn more money, it’d be good and all. It’s not working, but… it’s like that, it’s hard to change, it’s easier to stay where I’m at, it’s comfortable, I’m already here… .

Oh yes, I want to have more clients but how am I going to do that? I’m already trying, I have my routines, you know how it is… I’ll keep going, one day it’ll work…

But are you really seeing things, seeing what to change, making difficult (or easy) decisions, thinking things through, or are you just following the usual, the habitual, hoping that with time, things will change by themselves?

I’m writing this because I used to settle too. Settling for things that were clearly insufficient, mediocre, meaningless.

But one day you have to hit the table (Portuguese expression) and say or shout: NO.

And maybe nothing happens the first time, or you don’t even notice it happened, but things start to change. And maybe you still have to hit the table one or two more times. And demand from the world, from the people around you, from yourself, what you want and need and deserve!

And knowing it’s going to change now because you can’t stand it for one more second. It’s ENOUGH, you HAVE to change.

And maybe you receive a book, in a course you’re taking, and that book changes everything. Or maybe you enter a new course that shows you a piece of the puzzle, that you needed to know. Or maybe you have a session with your coach, where something you “knew” in theory, finally makes sense.

And these things come together and you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You start to see things change in front of you, all of a sudden. Fast, much more than you thought possible. And things are clearer. And your dreams also tell you, which way to go.

And why?

Because you decided not to settle anymore. Because you decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Because you put aside, the not feeling enough. And you thought and felt that yes… you also have the right… to be happy. Whatever that means for you!

So today I wanted to ask you: Where are you settling? Where are you tolerating what you clearly know isn’t enough? Where do you accept the mediocre, over and over and over again, and you know it’s time to say: Enough is enough?

And the first answer that comes to your mind, is the right answer.

And now, what are you going to do? What do you decide, even if it seems impossible? What’s your biggest dream? That’s what is for you, that’s what you deserve, and that’s what you can start creating from today, right now.

What if instead of settling, you demand what you know is for you, and don’t stop until you get there?

Lots of love,

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