Do you really believe in your vision? + A key to make it real

Today I wanted to ask you if you believe in your vision.
If you are writing like – this would be nice, someday maybe but in the future because this seems so far out, so out of this world, …

Are you really believing it?

Do you see yourself as having these things, doing this activities, being this person? Can you imagine yourself there and KNOW that it will become reality?

That’s where you have power. Because if you feel it’s just a fantasy that never will come true, or even if you aren’t aware of it but that’s what’s there… how can you really create your vision?

There’s a difference between writing, saying and believing that will be true and just thinking that it’s a dream that will never happen…

What is in the back of your mind?

And maybe sometimes you won’t believe, that’s perfectly normal, at least for me. Sometimes I start doubting but I keep going, because I don’t want to be governed by my ego, by the thoughts and emotions that come up. I want to be guided by my higher self and by my vision, even if, sometimes I can’t really see it.

I see so many courses and I want to do them all. I think it’s just what I need – because of course, they are stating your problem and saying that they can solve it. And I want them to solve it, so badly. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just show your life to another person, and she or he could solve it all?

But in the end, it’s you. The saviour is you. You are the one that needs to find the answers, your answers. The courses can help, but if you’ve done 100 courses about the same topic, what’s the use of doing another one? You need to do the hard part and go within, and you create the content. You create something new. That person can’t save you, if you don’t do the work you need to do, on yourself.

So that’s the thing, going within for answers. Going within for your vision. Believing you can have it and then creating it, but guided from your higher self. Following your intuition and what you really love to do and want to do.

And that’s it for today!
Lots of love,

P.S. Want to talk with me so I help you with your vision? So I support you in doing your inner work? Then send me a message. xxx

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