More is more: Ways to deal with jealousy

Today I wanted to tell you about a mindset shift around jealousy.

Do you know when you are seeing the feed, instagram or facebook or maybe it’s stories, and you see all the people having these big months in their businesses. Or great holidays, great houses, great relationships…. … and you feel so far from that and you just get triggered. And feel that you’ll never reach that. Or just feel tired that you’ve been trying for so long, but can’t seem to reach even a small portion of that?

What can you do about it?

Many things actually. One is staying with the emotion that comes up when you see these women. It’s showing you what you need to work on, inside yourself, to be able to reach what they have.

Another thing is seeing that the more women that can do that, the better. Because it means you can do it too.

And what if you can think that more women competing with you, more women having successful businesses, doesn’t take away from you, but it increases. Because the more “competition” you have, the more it means that people need what you are offering. The more competition you have, the more you have proof that your market is a good one. Or that is abundance for women in business. It’s proof that what you want and need is available. And if it’s available to any woman, it’s availalbe to you.

And another thing is seeing that there is no competition. Because if you’re creating something new, you have no competition. The act of creating something, that is your creation, is totally unique because you are unique. No one can create the same thing as you do, no one has the same experiences that you have, the same gifts, the same capabilities.

What if you could see yourself as one of those women that you admire, and what if you could see that you can have exactly what they have?

I used to do this with style. I admired some women’s style and I thought I could never get there. I thought that style was reserved for some women, maybe you were born with it or not. Until one beautiful day, when I decided that nothing of that was true. Until the day I decided that I was going to have style, no matter what. And then I did, in a matter of weeks. Or I learned how to have style and started to have more style immediately, I found a method for it.

So if you see other women having success, it’s also a good opportunity to check out what’s coming up in your own mind… what do you think, what are your beliefs, what is your ego saying? Maybe that you’re so frustrated because you can’t do it, no matter what you try.

If that’s the case, there’s something that is stopping you. The right state of mind would be: I’m doing it too. That’s what you’d think if you have decided and you were on your way right? Better even, you wouldn’t even notice these women maybe, you’d be too busy doing your own thing, working on becoming the woman that already has what you want. You’d be working on your new decision and making it come true.

So there you have some ways to work with jealousy, I hope it helps!

Lots of love,

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